Can You Post Your Closet?

Thursday April 24, 2014   

Every once in a while I get a request to post photos of my closet. I just cleared out most of of my winter wardrobe so I figured now would be a good time to take a few quick snaps.

Loungewear vs. Sleepwear

I’m gonna take this moment to mention a change I made a few years ago that I’m really happy I did. In the upright IKEA storage drawers I have my lounge clothes (roomwear, etc.) in the top drawer and my bed clothes in the bottom. These used to be 1 in the same for a long time. Meaning I would wear sweats around the house and straight to bed. I started feeling really guilty about this because I felt I was always “ready for bed” when at home. But I also wanted to be comfortable when home. So I started buying separate “at home” clothes and sleepwear.

For lounge clothes I have yoga pants and sweats. I stopped wearing pajama bottoms when it was 2:00 in the afternoon. I have over-sized super soft tees and tanks that are appropriate enough that if I needed to answer the door I wouldn’t need to rush and put something else on. This sounds stupid but it was a problem I kept running into!

On the other end I bought real sleepwear. Pajama sets & nightgowns. My favorite pajamas are Victoria’s Secret’s cotton mayfair boxer sets. They’re extremely comfortable, soft, breathable, and easy to wash. Target sells some in a similar style.

When I first did this I thought, “shit this is going to be really expensive.” But in hindsight it’s saved me money. Wearing the same clothes around the house and to bed really wore the clothing out fast. I also realized I didn’t need that many options. Being at home you stay pretty clean so only having a handful of lounge wear and sleepwear is more than enough. I have 3 pairs of lounge pants and a couple of men’s large tees I bought at Target on sale for $2.99 each. The VS Mayfair pajamas I bought on a sale as well and only recently added a 3rd set that I received for my birthday. Target has sales on their sleepwear constantly. Especially after holidays.


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14 Responses to “Can You Post Your Closet?”

  1. Honeydew says:

    One day I want to own a closet like yours too! I think I need to get new sleepwear too. I’ve been wearing the same one over and over again for like years now and it’s getting old and torn. I actually saw some cute ones at Forever 21. I’m the same with lounge wear at home. I always shower first right when I get home from work and then I change into my yoga pants and an oversize t-shirt so I can feel more comfortable at home to do stuff like exercising and cooking.

  2. Maye says:

    Wow, your closet looks so fresh and airy! Also it looks more cohesive.
    A total inspiration.

  3. jenxtras says:

    I love your /think basic/ snippet and pink drapes! Is this all shot with natural light??

  4. Mai says:

    Your closet looks super clean and bright :)! I’m currently still living your old habit as wearing the same clothes around the house and to bed, but since I still live with my family, I haven’t found a need to buy separate outfits for lounging and sleeping. I’ll probably follow suit in the future though.

    Speaking of clean closets, I just cleaned my closet yesterday too :D!

  5. MajinRin says:

    wow, nice! and what a change from year 2011! ^^

  6. zombizombi says:

    Oh, I love the vanity. I’ve always wanted on — some day, when we buy a bigger house, I’d love to have a vanity! Right now we don’t have room for such a thing.

    It’s so interesting to see how your closet has changed through the years!

  7. Thao says:

    Oh dear, my closet would be too much of an embarrassment to post online. I’m always envious of your closet.

    I do like your idea of lounge wear vs sleep wear. Sometimes, I even fall asleep in my work clothes… I’m finally starting to realize that I need to take better care of my work clothes since they are expensive and hard to replace.

  8. Vermillion says:

    I love the current look of your closet! Your hanging tops look really lovely in colours and designs. I haven’t cleaned mine for a few years and I keep buying items so it’s really messy haha;;. It’s really cool to see the comparisons of your wardrobe throughout the years.

  9. Krissel says:

    Oh goodness. Looking at these photos tells me I really need to clean out my closet… Every morning as I’m getting ready for work I stare at my closet and decide that I have nothing to wear despite it being full to bursting! I’m already running out of the “good” hangers too. Do you have any tips on whittling down your wardrobe to a few pieces that can be worn with different things? I always see this done in magazines but felt that I can’t do it with the clothes I already have… Do I need to just… start over from scratch?

    • jenny says:

      You don’t need to start from scratch! But it is a process. One you’ll be repeating maybe once or twice a year at first. When I first started doing it I had huge bags for donation!

      So what works best for me is the 3 pile rule. First make a pile of just your favorites. Clothes you LOVE to wear! Items that never make you think, “hmmm” or find difficult to wear.

      Next have a toss pile. Clothes you know you don’t want anymore or items that are too worn, stained, or torn. (You can donate the items that aren’t damaged though.)

      The trick lies in the 3rd pile. The Maybes. These are clothes you might not wear often but feel you’d wear more “if” and just in general items you don’t love but also have troubles letting go of. When you’re finished with that pile you’ll be going through it again. Really think about the items. Do they go with many of your favorites? Easy to match and wear? Do you feel comfortable when you wear them or do they make you feel less confident due to fit or style? Have you actually worn it in the past year?

      Really think about the items you plan to keep from the Maybes pile. Try the pieces on too. Try them with some of the favorites you feel it can go with well. Remember quality over quantity. When the things you keep can be more easily paired you have a lot less mornings of struggle in the closet.

      I know when I first started I was also refining my own personal tastes. I don’t know if everything you own fits into that already. If so, great! It’ll be easier! But if you feel a lot of the items are a bit all over the map and don’t pair up well remember you don’t need a ton of clothes to build a wardrobe and feeling “yourself” in the things that remain is most important.

      A few more posts on this topic:

      Good luck!

      • Krissel says:

        Awesome, thanks Jenny! Can’t wait to get started on this. I assume this’ll eventually make shopping for clothes less of an impulsive and costly thing too… yay for that! ;)

  10. oh i love your closet! lovely. i wish i can do something to my closet too.

  11. Miya says:

    Love this distinction between lounge and sleep. VS has the bestest PJ’s ever. They have been making and selling that stuff for a million years so they really do have the best.

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