What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Monday August 18, 2014   

I’m just getting over a stomach flu from last week. I just wanted to share that. I also got a therapeutic (painful) massage recently to alleviate the spasm in my lower back. But I swear I’ve been up to more than just sleeping and shopping at Madewell.

So here they are in no particular order.

I made a set of mini apple and mini berry pies last week. Baking a whole pie feels like a much bigger hassle than whipping these guys. Basically within an hour I’m eating pie and ice cream. Having this one with Starbuck’s iced coffee. I was giving the brand a try. I prefer Illy’s more bitter taste for quick cold coffee.

I bought some essential oils from muji because they restocked their yuzu. Their yuzu is alright. The yuzu Anna sent me was a million times better but I can deal. Plus the other two scents I got from Muji are really great.

muji essential oils

I learned that ivy is another plant that you can propagate and grew in just water. So I clipped a few vines from the shared fence with the neighbor and started growing some in my existing topiary jars. Now I have devil’s ivy with lavender and english ivy.

muji essential oils

I found the “Harmony Aroma” body washes from Bathclin. These are really nice and different. The soap is creamy and creates a thick lather. The fragrances have a woodsy, herb note to them, even the rose version.

harmony aroma body wash

I also bought Lee magazine. It’s a casual, natural lifestyle magazine for women in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. It includes casual looks for the office, at home, out on dates, or out with young kids. I thought it might be too family oriented but it’s actually pretty balanced between family, working, single, etc. The home section is fantastic with simple aesthetics and recipes. The makeup and clothing is great too. Not too high-end but not overtly trendy and cheap.

I got to have some real German food for the first time in ages as well as remind myself how potent kirschwasser is.

Lastly I’ve started yoga. Though I feel “yoga” is a loaded word full of expectations of health, juice cleanses, studio visits, and kale chips. I didn’t start that yoga lifestyle. I just started Yin Yoga for my back and legs. Yin yoga focuses on stretching the skeletal muscles. There are fewer and easier positions. And I’ve kept doing it because I’m feeling the results. My back and legs are far less tight. I was having troubles walking recently from my calf muscles being so tight even after massages and muscle relaxers.

yoga for sleep

I do the stretches about every other night usually after a hot bath or right before bed. You keep the positions longer than in traditional yoga. So even though I didn’t get into it for the “peace of mind” you are sort of forced to relax and almost meditate as you keep some positions for 3~5 minutes.


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13 Responses to “What I’ve Been Up to Lately”

  1. Sofia says:

    I agree with you about the word “yoga” :D I do a self-made-up version of this myself. I don’t mind relaxing and breathing and such, but honestly I mostly do it to stretch my muscles to become less stiff. No studios, no cleansing diets or any of that, haha…

    • jenny says:

      Awesome!! I tried to get into yoga before but there was all this pressure from people to do it “the right way” but any way can be the right way! :D

  2. Kate says:

    I love yoga, but truly, any way that works for you IS the “right way”. There’s a lot of styles and there’s nothing wrong with just doing what works for you — and I think it’s great. (: I’m glad you’re seeing results!

    I love the bathclin products. I’ll have to try that rose one! That magazine looks right up my alley, too… ahh, aging. hahaha

  3. megan says:

    I’ve started doing yoga too, but I’m not in it for all the lifestyle crap either, haha. I just want to help my body.

    Do you use a specific recipe for the mini pies?

    • jenny says:

      I loosely use recipes. You can google for mini pie recipes and just adapt your tastes. I keep my apple versions super simple with just sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and flour. Then i bake about 15 mins on 350F :)

  4. Mana says:

    Hi Jenny! Right now I would give a lot of have some pie, ice cream and good iced coffee. How was the Starbucks by the way? For me, their bottled iced drinks are usually too sweet. I really like your ivy in the glass jars, looks so tranquil.

    • Dana says:

      I feel like Starbucks drinks are too sweet too! I got a lightly sweetened coffee drink and was shocked by how sweet it was. They must have used a lot of artificial sweeteners because it wasn’t a particularly high carb drink!

    • jenny says:

      Still too sweet. This was the “lightly sweetened” version and it was still too sweet for me. Illy’s is much better I think :D

  5. Nicole says:

    Ahh! I needed this! I’m having anxiety and heart problems (elevated heart rate) and my cardiologist and therapist want me to do yoga, but I was on bed rest for two months and feel to tight all over when doing regular workout tapes, so I quit. Maybe starting out with this will help! :D

    • jenny says:

      This is a bit why I started it as well. My doctor ordered me rest and weight gain this past year which has done wonders for my health but now I had all these newly rebuilt muscles that were super tight! I get therapeutic massages and they recommended I do some light yoga to help stretch out the tight tight muscles. Yin yoga is supposed to be best for those situations.

      This is a great page of the yin yoga positions if you decide to look into it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ohh I love doing Yoga! ^ ^
    It can be a little uncomfortable to do the first couple of times but it really helps your mind and body! ^ – ^


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