Rituel de Fille Cream Blush Review

Monday May 04, 2015   

I really loved the first Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush I got as a gift in early December. I hadn’t used a cream blush in a while but using powders + the winter chill, for my skin, it just felt too drying.

I was obsessed with moody plum shades and Rituel de Fille’s “Lovesick” was a perfect winter cheek with pigment that easily lasted through snowy walks and freezing winds. Dab a little on the cheeks, paired with a shimmering eyeshadow, and some chapstick for the lips, and that was my daily winter routine for quite a long time!

Then I was asked last month about how I was liking the blush and I realized it had become my favorite and I wanted more…

4 Rituel de Fille cream blushes

It was difficult to choose which shades I wanted. Outside of the official swatches there was little reviewed about them. Usually I don’t feel compelled to review any new makeup because there’s usually already 50 other blogs with swatches and thoughts and nice photos. Rituel de Fille didn’t seem to have as much of a presence unfortunately. So I decided I’d try my best at putting a review together for anyone that may be interested in these cream blushes. It’s my first swing at a video review so bare with me.

Inner Glow Cream Blush in Envious, Lovesick, Spellbound, and Rapture.

Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush

Buildable pigments
Long lasting
Simple natural ingredients and cruelty-free
Fragrance free
Every shade is cheek, eye and lip safe
Captivating sleek packaging

Takes a few practice runs to master application

What I like about Rituel de Fille’s cream blush is how bare-bones they are with ingredients. There’s nothing extra. No fillers and no synthetic dyes or fragrance. It’s free from paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and cruelty. And even on my very acne-prone skin it hasn’t caused a single pimple. Not even questionably. Some cream blushes make me think, “Oh, is this pimple from the blush? I dunno, I dunno.” But Rituel de Fille hasn’t given me a single skin woe to question.


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16 Responses to “Rituel de Fille Cream Blush Review”

  1. karmevonkarme says:

    Y U SO CUTE. i wanted to hear your beautiful voice:(

  2. Megan says:

    Ah, cute video! I like the ease of cream blushes (uh, not that putting on blush is hard, but not having to use a brush is nice), so these will be going on my wishlist!

    Have you worn these on the eye yet? I’ve tried wearing Nars Multiple stick as an eyeshadow before, but it was crease-y.

    • jenny says:

      Did you wear a shadow primer with it? I haven’t worn these yet on the eyes or lips. I keep forgetting to try! I’ll try it on the eyes with nars shadow primer but I’m prepared to see it crease. I think spellbound would look really good on the eye actually! I’ve mostly been using it as a contour since getting it.

      • megan says:

        I did try it with a primer! But it was just elf brand, maybe something more high quality would work? I’m thinking not, unless it’s a super-powered primer.

        • jenny says:

          You reminded me to try this out today actually. So far looking good. It’s a little heavy feeling because I wanted a lot of pigmentation. Tried on my lips too. Looks good and long-lasting though taste at first is a bit generic. I’m a huge flavored chapstick person though so I’m bias.

  3. Nindya says:

    Aaaah, so pretty! The video is really cute and pretty! I love the part when the camera didn’t auto-focus when you showed the blush and you smiled :D

    I really love cream blushes and I think it’s a nice change after soooo many blush powders, but I live in tropical country so cream blush is not that popular as it usually end up melted on face after several hours under the sun. I have one, though, produced by local make-up company — and after watching your video, I feel like I want to use it again XD

    • jenny says:

      It kept focusing on the plant reflecting in the mirror! I was like “c’mon!!!”

      I’m wondering how these will stand up to our humid summer. I’m usually quite melty. They were great for winter b/c they felt moisturizing but I worry I’ll have pigments streaking down my face so we’ll see. It’s already starting to warm up so I’ll know soon. I think I tend to use “tints” in the summer.

  4. Angela says:

    You look so beautiful in your video, Jenny! The editing is lovely too. Are you enjoying your new camera? Is it the E-PL5?

    I don’t use blush that often… I’m usually quite red anyway, haha! Spellbound is definitely a colour I’d be hesitant to try but it looks really nice on-skin.

    Also, I really like the way they have swatched them on their website :x Much nicer than a block of colour!

    • jenny says:

      Thank you, yes it’s the epl5. With the front facing screen it was too tempting to not try a video out :).

      Spellbound is darker than I imagined from the swatches I had seen. I use it as a contour right now. It works beautifully as that. I’m thinking this would look good high on cheekbones for a bronzed summer look too though. Haven’t tried it yet. Also might look good on the eyes since they’re multi-purpose. Need to play with it some more!

  5. Charlene says:

    WOW. A video!! Catching up with world! Haha. I loved it, you always have your own twist on things. The blushes look really great!! I too, am a fan of cream blushes. :)

    • jenny says:

      I definitely didn’t feel comfortable doing videos before. Too much pressure during the blog boom. Now I feel my expectations were lowered and I just really had fun throwing it together!

  6. Vanessa says:

    Loved the video, Jenny!!! The packaging and shades seriously look spot on! I also really appreciate the ingredients. This review really helped in adding this to my ever growing “lust list” of products I want to purchase in the future! I’ve always been apprehensive of cream blushes because I feel that they can break me out easily but I’m glad you’ve had success with this one!

    Big love,


    • jenny says:

      That’s my biggest concern too. I was looking at this brand and Olio E Osso’s anywhere balm but it seemed like it might be more oily so I went with Rituel de Fille and I’ve quite happy I did!

  7. Wendy says:

    I really liked the video! Usually video make up reviews are just a bunch of blahblah but yours was really cute and fun, very Rinka-ish jaja

    I’m really into cream blush (mostly DIY) since winter too and im also diggin the dewyness of the look for spring, lets see what happens in the melting 110+°F summer.

    So glad to see you smiling on the internet again ♥ lots of love from MX :)

    • jenny says:

      Thank you. Yeah it’s already getting pretty hot out. Looking forward to seeing if these can stand up to the heat or if I’ll have to resort to tint stains again.

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