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Tuesday August 16, 2016   

I am typing this out and I am going to finish it and I am going to post it within a 24hr period.

Renwick Gallery piece featuring strings of light

This probably won’t be some opening of floodgates followed by post after post of new content. I’m not going to even entertain the idea. But I did want to say a little about why I had my longest hiatus ever and divulge personal information that’ll likely make me cringe after posting it.

me at the Renwick plus photos from August

My creativity is dampened. This is in connection to the chronic pain I’ve had since October of this year. When something terrible happens to you there’s this idea that it’s temporary. Because usually it is; but not in my case at this point in time. So, I’ve had a few treatments and my current treatment I like. It helps and the side effects are minimal. But it does influence how I approach my life and my personal, creative projects have somewhat suffered. It’s not just this blog. It’s literally everything. It’s hard to find that high from accomplishment right now. It mostly just feels bittersweet at best when I complete something. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to do them. I want to blog. I want to create videos and update my Instagram and have home projects again. I want to plan vacations. It’s just that currently those things feel exhausting. So I have to tackle them in a very prioritized way so that they are enjoyable.

photos from Toronto in July

But holy shit do I miss this blog.
And I miss you guys.

I have a few old posts I wrote months ago I want to put up. So I think in order to move forward I’m gonna keep things really low key. Things might be really unstructured.

And there’s not 1 thing I’m “good at updating.” Everything is subject to latency for me right now. The best way to get a hold of me right now is send my Tumblr an Ask.

My Instagram is updated pretty much each weekend.

Oh, I’m on Twitter again, a lot. Because it’s an election year. You can @ me and I’ll probably see it.

I’ve also opened up my snapchat (happiijenny) and lately have been doing snap stories of magazines (I no longer have a scanner.)
snapchat happiijenny

I thought I’d share some music I’ve been listening to lately with end of summer vibes.


31 Responses to “This is Me Saying Hello”

  1. Winn says:

    I missed you Jennnnn!

  2. Michelle says:

    I, too, took a huge hiatus from a lot of things that I used to love because I got stuck in a rut because ~life~. I’m glad that you’re back and I hope things only get better here on out! :)

  3. Welcome back Jenny!

    It’s good to time some time off sometimes to take better care of your body and refresh your mind and soul.

    I see you seemed to have had a great time in Toronto. (I live in Toronto) I’m glad you were able to go on a small trip to relax. Hope things work out for you soon! =)

  4. Joey says:

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs- Completely understandable that creativity/esteem might suffer when you’re too busy feeling yucky. Glad you’re feeling more yourself now. Welcome back! :)

  5. Katie says:

    Take things at your own pace. I’m looking forward to when you feel happy blogging again!

    • jenny says:

      Same here. I only post when it doesn’t feel like a chore. Taking away that guilt about posting really helped me manage my time optimistically.

  6. Hondai says:

    Man, I’ve been following your blog for so long I don’t even remember how I found it. (probably the magazine scans lol!) Your blog is my inspiration and it’s what made me want to go back to blogging because me loving your blog made me realize that people still enjoy blogs out there.

    But it’s okay if you don’t update as much as you used to. Will follow your blog as long as the link takes me here :p

    Stay True! Stay Happy!

    • jenny says:

      I hope my url never takes anyone to some random ad site for sure! Even if I end up archiving everything I still want it to be available. Thank you. Reading this meant a lot to me.

  7. Linlin says:

    I’ve just logged onto my bloglovin and saw you have updated! I used to read your blog a lot when i was into Japanese fashion (silent, lurking reader).

    Take your time with blogging and welcome back! x

    • jenny says:

      I think back to those days fondly. It was so enjoyable and I felt I was always chasing the next big trend! But these days my personal style has really come together so I’m not always on the hunt for fashion trends per se. Though I still definitely have an interest! And sometimes I still check in on past favorite brands just to see how they’re doing and what they’re up to!

  8. Céline says:

    Do things at your own pace and not sudden your health, I hope you feel better and reduce your pain , I still love your universe , your photos and videos give me joy, like a beautiful ray of sunshine ( sorry for my bad english ).

    Kisses of France! n__n

  9. Brenna says:

    take it easy jenny and its ok if you can’t do it all!! I look forward to your posts your blog is my favourite !!

  10. Luma says:

    Hi Jenny! I think your music choices are fantastic~! Do you have a Spotify/soundcloud account I can follow you on? I’m in dire need of new tunes and would love to see what else you listen to. :3


  11. Nindya says:

    *hugs* Take it easy, Jenny. We are always here for you. Here wishing you good health (most important!), speedy recovery (most important, too!), and happy blissful life. Kisses from Malaysia :)

  12. Milly says:

    Take your time and take it easy! Body and health comes first!

  13. Laura says:

    Glad to see an update from you after all this time!
    Take it easy, and hope you feel better soon~

  14. Fernanda says:

    So glad to see an update in a world where blogging is now being considered vintage. I don’t care though, I love vintage :)

  15. AnimeVu says:

    I missed you Jenn! ♥♥

  16. Leanne says:

    Glad to see an update from you! Been missing your posts, but your health and happiness is always #1 priority! Take care :)

  17. Animevu says:

    I missed you Jennn! i like Your Work ♥ 💖

  18. Thao says:

    Aww! *sends 100 gentle hugs* I’ve surely missed reading your blog, but your wellbeing is much more important. If anything, I follow you on instagram and cure my withdrawal by looking at your beautiful pictures there. :)

  19. Leanne says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may your new year be filled with happiness and more glitter! Hope the chronic pain continues to improve.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I’ve neglected blogging too. I think it’s a mix of “life” and kind of losing the motivation as more commercial blogs come around

    • jenny says:

      Merry Christmas & thank you!

      Yeah it’s funny I haven’t updated this since August but a lot has happened & changed. I can’t really pinpoint just 1 reason for not blogging like the old days. Maybe I don’t need validation like before. Or maybe my life feels full enough already? I do miss meeting cool people online but also I feel that would really drag my day now… like I don’t have the time or patience to do that these days.

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