look ma’ I can do stuff!

Wednesday March 31, 2004 comments   

I actually got something done today besides napping!!!
Sorry if it takes a little bit to load, I used PNGs cuz I was unhappy with how the JPEG of this layout looked.
ANYWHO~ Not too much to report. Management of our apartments being assholes blaming us for our neighbor’s mess, gotta take care of that BS tomorrow.

My Birthday is on the 6th (someone asked) and I’ve got lots to do tomorrow. I fell asleep today and the sun was coming through the window and shinning on my feet, I literally woke up with a sunburn on the tops of my feet! x_X That’s so freaky.






so unfinished

Monday March 29, 2004 comments   

Today was, okay. Not good; not bad. Skipped first 2 classes and slept in since I could afford to miss them.

Been working on layouts. I’ve got 4 half done :roll: . I guess I start them, then don’t have much time to finish. Or just get uninspired with them and loose interest. I really want to get somewhere with a Kare Kano one. Oh well.
Looking into putting up a new layout for the Knit Blog. I wanted to make it skinnable…. I could probably pull it off with the tutorials I’ve found. Though one would be easy, you can’t really make every layout fully customizable. The other just seems like I would never have time to pour into it. Especially since I signed up for Summer courses today. ~sigh

It’s raining today. Very nice.
big!Friday there was a HUGE colored brain on campus. It’s was VERY distracting driving past it. Somehow I felt like I was in a futurama episode!