buy this!

Tuesday January 31, 2006 comments   

You know you could just die watching this!! XD






national security?

Monday January 30, 2006 comments   

I am apparently a threat to national security. This morning I got yanked off the elevator by a security officer as I went into my office building. He just checked my badge and let me get back on the elevator. Everyone groaned and one person said, “Yea~ you really look like a threat! GEEZ!” I just shrugged it off. Seems I get suspected a lot. I think I look too innocent for it to be true? Or too young to be working there (probably more true.) Or maybe the guy mistook my iPod headphones for bomb wires. Who knows. But I was targeted once again. I mean, the guy just saw me enter the building using my security badge and he didn’t call anyone else back. Oh well. That pretty much represents the rest of my day.