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Thursday August 31, 2006 comments   

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Hybrid Wedding

Tuesday August 29, 2006 comments   

They call them “Hybrid Weddings.” Semi-planned elopements that involve whole families knowing and parties, and WE’RE doing it!!

October 2007 Mike and I are planning to get married. First, we’re off to Mississippi for the family. A very large garden wedding party will be set-up Martha Stewart style with all the lovies like delicious food, beautiful decorations, wonderful music, lighting, flowers, a wedding cake, and… of course, friends and family. Cocktails and kind words. The next morning we’re off to Hawaii where we’ll get married (perhaps mountainside) and spend 2 days. From there it’s to Kyoto, Japan for a week long honeymoon that will end in Tokyo~ :*:.


ね~---------- What do you think? This is what we’ve decided (so far) after discussing literally over a dozen other options including ease of obtaining the marriage license in the state. The full gambit of wedding arrangements from big to small. This one,… feels SO right and will keep us on budget. It’s also so much fun to plan this one. The big ceremony/party in DC just made me miserable to plan. The costs, the lack of family around to help… it was no fun. But this, this I can plan with my Mom and even Dad. And my Maid of Honor. I told her last night. She was so surprised too, which surprised me!! I told her it’s a great deal because she doesn’t have to buy a dress that’s ugly or anything!! Plus she’ll get presents. Hahaha. She’s a friend from High School <3. I'm so happy she'll be there to see us off. I talk to her a lot, but haven't gotten to see her since I didn't go home last Xmas. anyway~~~ This is where we are right now. I’ve got plenty of time to decide on things. I still love the garden party wedding dress I posted earlier. I adore that 1950’s flair to it too <3.