It’s been a loud Saturday thanks to a neighbor

Saturday September 30, 2006 comments   

Last night I attended a retirement party for my boss. It was really more like an awards ceremony where there were skits, gift giving, and story-telling. It was truly delightful. The only down side was that it ran long so Mike showed up early to get me. He felt weird being there & I thought he said he’d be at the bar (inside the restaurant) when he actually said “Barnes & Noble.” So when I went to find him I couldn’t & freaked. Before I left I went to tell my boss good-bye which turned out harder than I thought it would. Let’s just end this with saying we both were holding back tears and I felt like such a helpless little girl.

Moving along~

Thank You Liv

Thank you Liv :biglove: . I got your packet and letter :thankyou:. I’ve got a lot of mail to send out myself… AND I’m so happy because I found the Halloween cards I wanted for this year :hai: . Here are a few more pictures … of just stuff …

A mini trash can & a new diary (mine is nearly full!)

This soda is pretty good.
Apple cider + carbonation = caramel apple soda

I reorganized tonight. It’s SOOO clean now :grinning:

HAHA, Mike just IM’ed me THIS DS Game






Hot under the collar

Friday September 29, 2006 comments   

I wish I had a fanSo the AC died this morning at the office. However, just in my branch’s corner!! It was horrid! No windows to open, no circulating air. Just stuffy and freakin’ hot! They’re still working on getting it fixed =___=;;. I’m blogging now; I don’t think I’ll be on the computer at home tonight because I have a party right after work to attend. I hope everyone has a fun Friday night ;3.

I got plane tickets to visit my family in November.
Mike & I scheduled a convenient time for the both of us to sit down & buy tickets. That’s ALL I wanted before; to make him realize not ALL my time at home is “free time.” Well, it worked out GREAT b/c we are now BOTH going to be able to make it to my parents’ instead of just me. Sheesh… men take forever to MOLD.