Dry contacts

Thursday November 30, 2006 comments   

I’m sleepy. I’m so delighted that tomorrow is Friday because I’ve been so tired/sleepy at work the past few days. I took a 45 minute nap today after work. It helped, I guess. I dunno.

I made an appointment to get my hair cut in 2 weeks :grinning:. I really need my top layers trimmed and I want more top layers so to thin out my bottom layers. My hair has been going flat because of the long top layers. DAMN MY LACK OF BODY! I posted some new hairstyles I liked on my LJ a few weeks ago. Maybe I could use one as a guide for my stylist. Though, they’re similar to what I want, but not exact.

I’m wanting to buy a new outfit too. I want a knitted sweater-vest sleeveless dress and camel colored loose boots!! I already have the turtle neck to wear with it and black stockings. So I’m going to keep my eye out for the two items. It’s kinda my “winter splurge outfit.” 1 outfit I’m willing to spend whatever $ on for all of winter . Here’s an idea of what I want but nothing exactly matches yet ..

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I left town

Tuesday November 28, 2006 comments   

I visited Mike’s family, then mine during my hiatus. It went pretty well. It was nice being by coastline again and meeting up with old friends. I wish my family, especially my Mom, had spent more time with me while I was there, but Oh well. I tried. The photo of the cat above is her new cat. SO cute!!!! She’s playing with the camera string in the photo.

I’m so tired, I think I’ll just end this here for tonight. I plan on catching up with everyone soon. OH, visit Meru and wish her luck on her exams & oogle her eye candy layout.