Happy New Year!

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I’m sleepy & it’s not even 12:00 yet! :;_;: We went out and had a great meal, then we came home and I had a huge champagne accident that broke not only both the bottle and the champagne glass, but also my new teapot I got for Christmas. It’s pretty cracked up and I’m really, really bummed out by the whole freakin’ mess. I barely even got to use it, and I’m barely even drinking this stupid champagne that caused all the trouble :somber:

(/TДT)/あうぅ・・・・。 I hope everyone else is having better luck tonight :biglove::*: :star:


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Ahahaha, too funny

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I never checked this xmas layout in IE, haha! But I see my mood div is causing some bizarre issues. Sorry you IE users!! Fixed!

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