1 out of 100 things

Wednesday January 31, 2007 comments   

Out of an entire day of suckage it was nice that at least 1 thing was surprisingly good. I thought my prescriptions would be more expensive with my new health insurance, turns out they were $5.00 cheaper, hahahah hehe Their web site was WRONG.

Update the following morning

I was SO sleepy when I blogged last night. But I’m at work now and feel fine~~

I’m drinking ほうじ茶 :girlblush: Since my tea pot broke a few weeks ago I’ve had to switch back to tea bags at work :somber:. So I went and picked up some boxes of my favorite brand. I’ll just enjoy loose leaf green & black teas when at home.

Now I’m off to toil all day… :good: And for some odd reason everything smells like a gross, cold ham & cheese sandwich to me today… I think I have a very specific type of stuffy nose right now.






Celebrate their return!! CAMWHOREIT!

Monday January 29, 2007 comments   

Welcome back old friend!!! How I’ve missed thee! I can see through you… NOW!

I got my glasses fixed. A lens needed replaced. Now I can give my eyes a break from contacts. I kinda wanted a new set PLUS the repair. I wanted red frames… BADLY! But my lens cost so much that I can’t justify another 300$+ just so I can have 2 pairs of glasses. I’ll get them later in the year.

We started off Monday with a flat tire at the train station :( :( WTF bad luck. Poor Mike… he was out in the freezing cold putting on the spare as I watched from the warm train’s window… I still feel bad and it’s not even my fault. It was my car though :gusu:, hahaha~