Self-indulgent Prick

Wednesday February 28, 2007 comments   

That’s me!!!! I wrote this LONG ass paragraph about how I go through phases of self-indulgent behavior where I shut everyone out. I don’t talk to friends or family and Mike always thinks something is wrong. But all it truly is, is a selfish, cold, and blissful indulgence of emotions, chaos, and music. Happy & Sad. Very fuck everything else because all that matters is how I feel. Which, of course, isn’t true… but… I think I’d lose my mind if I didn’t get like this every once in a while. The hard part is always getting out of my head and being selfless. Let’s see when I’ll be doing that next!! Probably soon…. it’s been about 2 weeks of this and, honestly, it’s exhausting :!: (and no, I don’t need a “feel better” on this… b/c honestly it feels fuckin’ fantastic to be selfish :girlprincess:) mwahahahaha

God damn… another long @$$ paragraph. How’d that happen?!

I bought something that looks similar to this yesterday :arrow:

I also thought I’d post some outfits from the newest Non-no that caught my eye.

Damn Miho is SO cute! Mike sometimes says I look just like her which melts my heart (is that weird!?) I think he’s just trying to get into my pants with that line though :happycrying:


Crazy Story

Oh yea! So our mail was getting stolen (as many of you might remember) some time ago. One of the things they stole constantly was our DVDs from our Blockbuster Rental Plan. WELL, Blockbuster let’s you trade a mailed DVD in at the store for an instant rental now. OK… well a movie we reported stolen last year just got traded into a store for an instant rental! Seriously, yes…. YES. The person who stole our movies is now using them to get free rentals at Blockbuster. We get email notifications when movies under our account are sent back to Blockbuster. They said they can’t really track who brought it in, but that it doesn’t affect or account b/c we reported the movies as lost/stolen already. Anyway…. WTF. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!!!????????






Another winter storm

Sunday February 25, 2007 comments   

It snowed like crazy today. ~~ :ruru: ~~

I disappeared… you’d think I’d come back with so much to say considering a lot has happened. But… I’m too busy listening to new tunes I’ve fallen in love with to say …
Fear of pretty houses and their porches
Fear of biological wrist watches
Fear of comparison shopping

***end singing***

OK, since I have till autumn to decide how to make the new place look, I’ve been finding some inspiration! :biglove: Basically I’m looking for different styles for the living room, bedroom, and den. I was thinking something classic in the living room and bold in the den. And the bedroom??? Well, who knows! We’ll be buying some new furniture. So anyway. Here’s some images I liked.

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