Happy Birthday

Tuesday July 31, 2007 comments   

SO Many summer Birthdays!!!!

Happy Birthday Jenn ♡ξ≧▽≦ξ♡

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Let’s get nostalgic!

Monday July 30, 2007 comments   

For some time now I’ve been after my Mom to find two boxes of photos I had as a pre-teen. I somehow lost them in the mix of moving and am pretty damn convinced they’re hidden away in my parents’ attic.

So in ’93 all I wanted for Christmas was a Polaroid Captiva camera. It was awesome. I got it (obviously) and it worked for a good 3 years. During that time I had oodles of photos all stored in 2 Oreo Cookie Christmas Tins.

What’s weird is how both these things are somewhat “vintage” now. :rejected: I’m so old… And I still don’t have my photos. I visit my parents in December and really hope to find them then.

I do have this one on me though…

Found this too. A photo my Mom took in 1978 of a birdbath she created/painted. It’s a mouse floating down with a leaf.

Also found this photo I took while in Köln, Germany (’00) and noticed the Agfa store and nearly died. OH PAST JEN, I MUST FORCE YOU TO GO INTO THE STORE AND HORDE FILM FOR YOUR FUTURE OBSESSION!!! GAAAH

Lastly, another ’00 photo. A Polaroid that Mike took of us right before Christmas. We had been dating for about a month…