The Cafe

Wednesday January 30, 2008 comments   

This is my happy place. It’s a tiny crepes cafe. I took this a few weeks ago when Mike got off work early with me and we ran off to relax. The cafe was pretty quiet since everyone was still at work :happylove::cake: So we sat and enjoyed coffee, crepes, and conversation~~ :calmair:






An Article

Monday January 28, 2008 comments   

Thought I’d share this article I just read. It mainly focuses on comparing CanCam to Non-no & the dynamics behind these 2 magazines.

Just food for thought.

Non•no vs. CanCam:
Girls’ Girls vs. Boys’ Girls

“If CanCam is about the proper ascent into adulthood, Non•no is about the quiet avoidance of growing up. ”

“CanCam readers imitate Ebi-chan in their aspiration to reach her powerful levels of attractiveness, but Non•no readers gain self-confidence and respite from seeing Tanaka Miho’s unassuming charm as one close to their own.”

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