A sort of update

Wednesday March 26, 2008 comments   

Hey everyone~~ O(≧▽≦)○ わぁい :doubleheartbeat: I just got in from my 4th day of painting the new house :ladeeda: It’s taking a while but It’ll be done this weekend! :good:

Mike just arrived home! He went back to the house because I forgot my ring there (I take it off to paint.) And he went all the way there only to return empty handed! HE FORGOT IT! AAAAHAHAHA :wakuwakuheart: (*`∀´*)ノイヒヒ:lol: off again he goes~ ε=ε=(;´□`)ノノノ

I think we’ll be moved in on my birthday. That’s how deliveries and good days to move the large stuff is looking. That would be lovely. Fantastic birthday gift. It’s indescribably hard having to return to my dull, crappy apartment on a nightly basis. :rubeyes:

OK, so now for some rambling about this blog!! :kyaaface: click to read the rest

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I want the future, now!

Tuesday March 18, 2008 comments   

I haven’t been online much because of everything going on. So here’s an official unofficial semi-hiatus layout to “express” that reality. :ladeeda: Every day, maybe every hour information changes for me. :dizzy: Plus being busy with trying to close on the townhouse and being swamped at work… :kanjicry: it’s challenging to say the least. I just want everything to go smoothly. But there’s so much to worry over. Will this be ready, will that be wrong, how long will this take, how much will that cost… :doubledquestion: はあはああはは

I really hate putting this on hiatus (er, semi-hiatus!) but not as much as I hate complete abandonment of my blog. I want to still update a bit, but it’ll probably be infrequent… sadly.