Lovely Things Week

Monday June 30, 2008 comments   

Jenii!! :doubleheartbeat:

Anthropologie owl tea set :doubleheartglitter:

♪。☆*ヾ(*Ф∀Ф)ノ*☆。♪ OH MY GOSH! T H A N K Y O U ! ! It’s so unbelievably lovely!!!! I almost want to say “I can’t accept it,” because I’ve been eying it at Anthropologie f o r e v e r and it’s so incredibly lovely and unexpected and gorgeous and zakka and… and… *head explodes*

My single white owl teacup from Anthropologie HAPPILY welcomes his new siblings & mommy :ohyeslovely: It even has a little tea strainer inside the teapot for loose leaf tea!! HOW FANTASTIC! :cfaha2:

(☆ゝ∀б)σ【♪☆*。thank you again★゚*♪】

In other news I’ve been preparing for my friend’s visit. She arrives Wednesday night. I’m just doing things like getting all the towels & sheets cleaned. Stocked up on some extra drinks and snacks & doing some light cleaning. It’s rather hard to really prepare, work has me extremely spread thin. I look forward to taking a 4 day weekend & just hanging out. [it’s hard to believe we’ve only been really living here for about 8 weeks]. My only fear is rain… R A I N ! ! It’s been almost daily now :rainyumb: >O PLEASE don’t rain this Friday & Saturday!!







Saturday June 28, 2008 comments   

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