Jcrew, you’ve gotten younger

Sunday September 27, 2009 comments   

Mike surprised me with matching owl tees! :iiface:

I love owls so much! It’s nice sometimes to not have such cartoon-y looking owls too. I think we might wear these when we go to pick up my friend from the airport tomorrow, hahahaaa.

It’s been raining nonstop and so gray out! Depressing. :rainyumb:
However late this afternoon the clouds started to leave and the sun came out! The wind was blowing and the air was cool and crisp.


I received the latest Jcrew catalog this past week too. Like the previous one it was filled with refreshing coordinates! It’s like Jcrew grew wise to which generation it needs to be targeting now. I really loved the layers. They’re really great, younger, office looks. I had scanned in some of my favorite ones from the earlier Autumn Preview catalog along with the Autumn Free People catalog released a few weeks ago too. I thought I had shared these already but I guess not!



Free People

In their last catalog they used animals from the humane society to raise awareness of these gorgeous kitties & puppies who need homes. So sweet I could cry.

I’ll be offline till probably next weekend. My best friend is visiting so I’ll be super busy!! I’m sooooo excited :ohwhoa:

Thank you Hachi for poupee-sitting! I haven’t gotten a full month dressup since it changed to 200r bonus :dizzy: Vacations and illness always screwed me over and I’d miss days. Anywho~~

I’ve been trying to catch up with my closet items. Here’s some recently posted items :ruru:

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl


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Blog, I’ve missed thee!

Thursday September 24, 2009 comments   

Finally I’m back online! I’ve literally spent the past week getting my computer back to some status of normality. I think I’m good now. Got most all programs installed, files copied back over, and coped with anything I lost. Soon I’ll forget it ever happened~~

I’ve been busy with work and housework too. Been getting ready for my friend’s visit next week! Planning out our days~ She wants to go to some really nice places so I’m excited! I’m also excited to get some more vacation-like memory photos taken only now I won’t look all chubby in every single one, hahahahaaaa :laughingheart: :laughingheart: :laughingheart: :cutesy:

I’ll probably whip together a new layout after things settle down. I’m quite sick of this one.

Not much has been going on really. I of course picked up some of Anna Sui’s Target line. Also received an order from Yesstyle. So here are some snaps. Sorry there’s so many. I feel narcissistic! But if things would have been normal these photos would have gradually been posted instead of the following huge photo dump.

The top is nice for work and the silk jumper is just a total JOY to wear!
There’s more of the collection I want but it’s either sold out or Target hasn’t released them in-store yet… :doubledquestion:

Yesstyle order arrived!

My two favorites!
The long denim overalls is from Puffy.
The 1*heart*88 tees is from Cherry Story. I cannot WAIT for winter to come so that I cane wear this out!

Got this cute polka dot smock dress from Puffy and the terry cloth romper from Romy. Good for end of summer I think!

Did a little relaxing this week too. So much going on means SO much extra stress! Used one of my Bihada Ichizoku face masks. So refreshing~~ and never any fear of breaking out after using these. The other item is a “magic” hair removal scrub that I got from yesstyle as well. I have pretty thick hair on my arms (thank you Italian jeans! ha!) but it’s more golden brown and I never wanted to shave them or Nair them because I knew it would grow in dark and stubbly like shaving your legs. Also tried to get electrolysis but apparently my hair isn’t dark enough. This sponge basically just rubs your hair off! It says “painless” which in a way it is. It basically feels like getting a strawberry on your arm. (Growing up, grabbing someone’s arm and rubbing it fast and hard to cause them skin irritation was called giving someone “a strawberry” because the skin turns red.)

Anyway! I’m pretty happy with it! Haha. Majority of my hair was removed. It’s started to grow just a bit and the hair’s consistency looks normal. No changes in texture or color, yay!

While on the topic of bath and skin and such, I picked up one of the Aveeno Bath Soaks. My skin got really dry while away for the off site meeting of my office. So I bought their Skin Relief Bath Treatment. It’s very much like an oatmeal bath. I enjoy them and they’re not too overpriced. I think it was about a box of 3 for $3.00. I’d probably buy these again. My skin felt soft and moisturized after the bath. These will be great come winter! My skin gets so itchy dry in winter :rejected:

It’s really powdery and you have to break up the clumps to mix it in fully, but that’s easy.

I guess that’s about it. I hope I can update once more before my friend arrives, but we’ll see. Till then I leave you with this gif of my new mug!! I got it at my office offsite meeting. It’s a sort of cheap gag-gift you know. It’s the Cheshire cat! He disappears when there’s hot liquid in him! In this case it’s Swiss Miss’s delicious Fat Free Hot Chocolate (only 50 calories & tastes the same!) As I drank it he slowly appeared with each sip!


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