PopSister “Have” Items

Thursday June 30, 2011 comments   

As fun as it is to lust after new magazine items, it’s refreshing to sometimes see things you already bought show up too! :up: I was excited to see a baby blue ruffle sleeve blouse and retro inspired backpack in the August issue! Especially after loving my bag so much. :deco8: The one that turns into a backpack. I’ve used it backpack style way more often than I thought I would. ^_^

Both the items I got from Yesstyle around April. The color blue is no longer available in the blouse but off-white is. And the bag I’ve blogged about before! :ok:

Man Aya is so pretty~~ Ami too, obviously, LOL. :deco8:

Also this issue introduced Nana Suzuki as a PopSister Model. I’ve missed her. :deco5: Since ending my Popteen subscription and only downloading a few issues since, I only really ever see her on her blog. She mentioned shooting for the magazine a few times so I was eager to see this issue! I was curious if her style would change or how it would meld into PopSister, but after this issue it seems like a good fit! ::9: And it’s fun seeing her again :)

This was my favorite little addition in an Ami x Aya section! They give Nana a little makeover a la Rock PopSister style! :deco14: I wish they had made this an entire page but it was rather small on the page :deco13:


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Snidel 1st Collection A/W 2011

Wednesday June 29, 2011 comments   

Everything Snidel has in their 1st collection of autumn/winter 2011 line is just so inspiring! :deco10: I really can’t even think straight when I see some of this stuff, I want to order it all so badly!! :drops: Some of the pieces are already going up on Zozotown for presale.Thank you Einna for pointing me to these new releases! Images below are from magaseek.com & fashionwalker.com :deco10: