no track of time

Thursday April 29, 2004 comments   

night outside my window, the glow of the flood light that disappears into the open field

I’ve just realized how much I have to do between now and next Saturday. FUCK… sorry, I just remembered something I forgot to do today (gotta drop the bill off at the cable company; best do that tonight). I know its so generic to have a crap-load of stuff due since the semester is coming to a close…. but I do. I have so much due, but mainly its this World Lit. BS. I’m not going on hiatus, but I may be blogging less and visiting less. ;_; sorry. I’m not used to this much due at one time to be honest, and my laziness is only making it worse. That’s obvious since I’m typing this and not my annotated bibliography.

I did get some things done today so maybe I’ll squeeze in a few hours of free time. Why… WHY does “mother nature” know its finals time? I always have cramps and mood swings to go along with exams & presentations *cynical laugh*

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rude to me; not to you

Tuesday April 27, 2004 comments   

I’m pooped. I couldn’t get this bonus Visual Basic program to work :roll:. Oh well, only 5 extra points :|. I was almost terribly late for work today, but the UPS guy woke me up at 9:50. Thank Goodness! I was sleeping straight through the alarm. I got to work at 10:04. Yea! Only 4 minutes late!

Besides that, nothing really happening. I’m slowly getting an idea for my final paper. I’ve got to research it tomorrow. I was trying to save up for our upcoming Florida trip, but suddenly I’ve got shit to buy. I bought my friend a book for her birthday. But in a week I gotta get her a graduation gift too. I already spent 25$ on her birthday, so I need something nice but not expensive. Also mother’s day is coming. Hum, my mom would be happy with anything, but I wish I could afford something cool for her…. like a day at a spa. Plus due by the end of this month is Rent, Credit card bill, Cable bill, and phone/dsl. POOOOOOOOOOOO. That’s gonna leave me with less than a hundred not counting mom’s day & my friends graduation. — depressing
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