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Monday May 31, 2004 comments   

I’m very pleased with SugarCubed‘s new layout! I really LOVE how open it is now. I was getting tired of the text being smushed up at the side to be honest. I’m so glad my knit blog has flurished. It means I’ve really gotten into knitting more ^__^.

Today was stormy…. VERY. It’s memorial day. I say how’s bout a little less Memorial Day and a little more benefits for our veterans here!!!! :roll: But that’s just me. Work ended at 12 this afternoon…… so I didn’t even bother going in. Normally, b/c of summer classes starting, I won’t be getting into work till 12:00 any way.






sniffle, sniffle,

Sunday May 30, 2004 comments   

I think I’m sick <_<. Mike said I passed out last night on the sofa and he had a hard time getting me to the bedroom. The this morning he said I was out of it and wouldn't wake up. I slept till 1:00. He had already left for work. I don't remember much of anything bout last night. My sinuses are dryer than a desert and my throat is sore. *humph :roll: * perfect. Just in time for my summer courses! today, outside my windowClasses starts Wednesday. *dreads*. I haven’t made any “non software” presentations in a long time and I have speech for summer. Actually speech for small groups… but I bet the class is huge =/~ I used to be good at presentations, I got over the nervousness….. but I haven’t done many since High School and I’m getting kinda sucky at them. I get nervous again. =_=;; blah.

I adore my “Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon” CD that I got bout 2 years ago. I’m thinking of ordering the others from the series.

Made a few more earrings last night. Can you believe at some places in Florida the gas per gallon was 2.85$? I had to point that out =/. It’s usually cheaper in the south too. So aweful. Mike and I agreed our next car has to be a hybrid or something hahahahaha!
<3 I actually did hover overs :P ***
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