Oh happy day!

Monday June 28, 2004 comments   

My final went well. I could have studied more but I’ve made an A on everything else so why bother. I’m so happy that class is over! Yes!

I thought today was the 30th. I REALLY did! So, yea, I get PAID on the 30th…. which is not today =_=;;. Sucks.

My Hidamari No Tami came in today! I’m so excited, haha, my desk is no longer lonely. Too bad its storming or I’d let him play in the window with sunlight :3. The website for them rocks & you can download more cute cards for them to hold! Here are some pics.

In the box
just relaxing, swinging & swaying
the 3 cute reusable cards you can write on.

Guess that’a about all for today. I still have homework to do for my online class. I’ve been looking for gifts for my little sister’s birthday in late July. I tend to OVER spend on her. For Christmas I got her a GBA & Wario Ware game. More of a parent gift to a kid, but my Dad hates game consoles & she wanted one so he couldn’t say anything if I got her one. ANYWAY. Hope everyone’s enjoying thei Monday… mine’s give & take so far with work and people yelling in the background like rabid dogs.
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strain on the neck

Sunday June 27, 2004 comments   

sunshine maybe?My neck & back have been hurting the past few days. Medication isn’t helping. My hand is almost 100% better. I need to finish studying for my final that’s tomorrow. Wish I didn’t have to go straight to work afterwards. It is supposed to keep storming till next Tuesday. It’s beginning to stink like mud outside because the land (what little we have around here) is over soaked and the soil is turning into distilled mud. Yuck :| .

My hair needs to be cut soon. It’s starting to look flat and won’t hold any sort of shape. Maybe I’ll get it done wednesday!? Or Thrusday. I get paid tomorrow!!! Thank goodness because I lack the amount I need for bills. Speaking of… I really need to check the mail!

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