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Tuesday August 31, 2004 comments   

As you can see, new layout. I was really happy with this one. Made it & coded it at work. I HATE that. Why? Well, because I’m currently waiting on some content to come in for a webpage there but the person is just taking so long to get it to me. I asked them today if I could please at least start putting in some of the content because I’m sort of “idle” right now. They said “no.” I guess I should start a new project there, but I hate overlappin’ projects cuz they seem to sync up when it’s time to hussle. Anyway~ blegh.

Messed with the comments template. I’m not really happy with them. Hopefully I can find a look that will please me at some point. Oh well.

Got class later tonight. *dread dread dread.* Of course tomorrow is a much longer day so I should cheer up, hahaha. I’ve got some pics to show but I’ll wait till tomorrow. This domain will probabley go offline around 10 tonight (bandwidth exceeded.) blegh x_x;;.

11:20 pm Yea~ we made it within 20 MB of bandwidth to spare!!






READ: chapters 1-4 in Visio, 1-2 in Information Security, PPT slides for Web Programming

Sunday August 29, 2004 comments   

Went out last night and had fun at a club opening(free shots!!! gulp, gulp), it was nice to get out and put off homework, hahaha. Well, class has me really busy. Plus, this domain is needing attention. The FTP accounts weren’t working for some reason and now I’m, for the first time ever, insanely close to exceeding my bandwidth limit. The CUTiE site got pounded this month. I have about 300 MB left of bandwidth and the CUTiE site uses around 250 MB daily. I had to close it down till September. But hopefully we’ll make it :).

Just finished most of the cleaning for the apartment. Mike…. needs to start helping out WITHOUT me asking him to do it. He knows AND says he knows how I do everything and he feels bad. He’ll “surprise” clean about once every 2 months. I told him that it doesn’t HELP me feel better. It doesn’t MAKE it easier! Shit, seriously, I do EVERYTHING. He will take the trash out but only after it’s vomiting onto the kitchen floor. He WAS helpful today only because I told him I’m gonna blow up on him soon if he didn’t help out.

Why does it bother me??? Well, my Dad was like that. My Dad took out the trash….. that’s it. He never thanked my mom for keeping the house together or even noticed when it was clean. Mike’s not THAT bad… but still. It’s not fuckin’ hard to pick up after yourself. I do my laundy about once every 2 weeks. However, I do LAUNDRY daily. It’s always his clothes and our towels. He refuses to settle on a hamper (he’s got a million picky reasons why he doesn’t like any we go and look at.) Truth is, if he didn’t leave his nasty clothes on the floor for me to pick up they’d NEVER get cleaned. I mean, he’s not a really messy guy, seriously, but he doesn’t help dust & vacuum & clean windows or mop.

okay, rant over.

I joined Catster thanks to Jen! Here’s my kitty who lives with my parents cuz blah blah I’m in college and no pets allowed here. POOKIE!!! aka: Misty *it was the 80’s c’mon!. Come be my kitty’s friend!!! Hahaha, it’s so lame/sad & yet so cute and great.

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