September CUTiE

Friday September 24, 2004 comments   

Thought I’d post that new scans are up. Though there are about 300 people on the mailing list, I know some look for this site to know. So yes, September’s issue is now up (50 scans.)

I know a LOT of people suggested to just “re-subscribe” to’s subscription for CUTiE. Well, I’d do just that if they would change the freakin’ information and price. They are charging people still for 26 issues and not 12. So you’re paying 120$ when really you should ONLY be paying $55.68

I thought they’d be nice and say “Oh, ok, we will only charge you for the 12 issues since we had it wrong.” But, obviously, I was TOTALLY WRONG. The guy even SAID you only get 12 issues and YET, it hasn’t changed on their website. WHATEVER is what I say. I’m going to

Anyway~ CIAO







Wednesday September 22, 2004 comments   

September’s CUTiE finally arrived, however, it will be the last one I’ll get. Why? Well, Mike was talking to about how they have the wrong price and wrong issue numbers listed for the CUTiE subscription. The person we spoke to before said he could refund us the difference of only getting 12 issues instead of the listed 26 issues had charged us for. Well, the guy we were talking to NOW instead called us up and left a message saying that he refunded us 103$ and cancelled our subscription altogether.

Mike called back to talk to him because I was obviously upset about that and didn’t want it cancelled. Well, the people at said it was too late and once it’s been cancelled there’s nothing they can do about it.

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