rainy days, I used to love you

Monday January 31, 2005 comments   

What a day! The positive that happened was this “freakin’ ” awesome layout! Hahahaha. I kinda threw it together on a sugar high @ work. I’m going through a cluttered~funky background phase I guess.

Besides that & the lovely, but nonstop rain, everything today went CRAPPY. The cable bill was due today and I forgot to pay it =___=;;. It’s not the ONLY thing I’ve been forgetting lately. I gotta wake up SUPER early to drop it off tomorrow before my classes begin.

Remember my professor/advisor who never responded to my panic email about my classes? I finally got him to schedule an appointment with me (wasn’t easy!). It was for 3:00 today. Well, I waited for over an hour and the ass NEVER showed! This is SO important to me! I need my forms for graduation and Senior Project! And he doesn’t seem to care that it’s not EASY for me to make time. @$$! click to read the rest







Sunday January 30, 2005 comments   

I forgot to mention that those CUTiE scans from my last post will probably be the last ones, at least for a while. I’m switching to non-no. Feb’s was the last issue I had pre-ordered of CUTiE from fujisan.com back in 04 :).

100 x 100 icons

credit please credit please

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