My eyes burn from the tears~

Wednesday June 29, 2005 comments   

I’ve had a very bad day.., but it’s okay. I’ll be okay.

Had an exam this morning & I think I did okay. I have an exam tomorrow and… I’m scared. I was supposed to be studying TONS today, but like I said, bad day. But not ALL bad! Here are some pictures. By the way, a friend asked to see some of the pictures I take. I got so embarrassed and refused to show them. Isn’t that stupid? I’m stupid x_x.

Books I'm reading when I CAN
The books I’m trying to read during free time.

Yea, new Pinky Street Figures!!
New Pinky Street figures that I won off e-bay a few weeks ago~


... sigh

Just some stuff from the Chinese store!
Some new snacks.






& it looks like storm.

Tuesday June 28, 2005 comments   

Thankfully it’s lightening outside! Yea! A storm to study to!

I have an exam tomorrow morning & then another on Thursday with a program due on Friday. :OO;: I have not studied very well. I’ve tried, but there’s just SO much stuff!!! I’m worried bout getting the Javascript AND Java incorrect on BOTH exams. BLEGH~ I just want a C in all 3 classes. SERIOUSLY. I just want my credits so I can LEAVE this horrid place. Yet, I’m afraid I don’t KNOW enough yet to get a better job somewhere else. But no wonder right? All I do is blow off studying. I’m a walking contradiction!

Plus my BRAND NEW 90$ BOOK FOR CLASS is falling apart on me, literally of course. I need to get it rebound but I need the book on a daily basis =|. I have to say I’m pretty pissed bout that. It’s making it a bitch to study too because if I’m not careful the individual pages will get ripped out & detached.

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