reinstall me?

Wednesday May 31, 2006 comments   

Something new??I’ve had so many issues since installing MSN Messenger Live Beta… I won’t get into the dirty details, but I should know better than to install anything BETA from Microsoft! Anyway~ thanks to Google & Forums I know I’m not alone in my problems.

I got to work @ home today (got a lot done), then Mike came home & we went to do a little shopping. Got some snacks for work & went to the $1.00 store. I picked up a cute tiny birdhouse and a new spray bottle for my garden~ The rudest bitches were there though >_<. Mike was standing in line to check out & I was off looking at stuff. I came back to the cashier since I saw he was bout to checkout and these two old women were walking up to the counter too. All of a sudden I hear, "What a rude little girl!!! Did you see that!? She just cut in front of us and didn’t even SAY excuse me!!!! SHE’S SO RUDE!!!!” O_____O. I was dumbfounded. First off, I didn’t even have anything in my hands. Secondly I was STANDING next to the guy that was checking out!!!! I turned a little and said, “I don’t even have anything…“

I think after a few minutes they stupidly realized I was with the guy already checking out. ばか おばん… <____<*.
Anyway, for more photos of my crap go here~~






TV rots you brain… but only a little

Tuesday May 30, 2006 comments   

So Mike & I started watching Saikano. The first 2 episodes I was kinda feeling “take it or leave it” but near the 3rd & 4th I decided I’d actually watch the series. Mike constantly dies over this because Chise reminds him of me in a million ways~~ I think an ex-change diary with my boyfriend would be cute… I hate to admit it, hahaha!! I’m so frackin’ old & yet SO immature. Only seen disc 1 so far~

FINALLY!!! Queer As Folk season 5!!! It’s over soon… *tears* I still love love love it. Mike & I watched disc 1 tonight. Funny how quickly 3 hours pass… It’s so late now =T. I had a lot to say about season 5, but, everything seems to be slipping my mind at the moment.

Mike’s getting back into painting. Oil paints~ I’m going to give it a try, though I’m not an Art major like him. Maybe he can teach me :3??

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