Late Night Memorial Day

Monday May 26, 2008   

It’s over. How depressing. I had such a great little 3-day weekend. THE WEATHER BROKE & SUMMER CAME! I got a few things on sale. A basic, oversized white tee (5$), a large elastic belt ($5), a cute black tube top dress with pockets (not on sale, 19$, FAIL, hahah), Rose Marzipan Flavored Black Tea, some racer back tanks, blah blah blah. (I’m so tired right now!)

OK, here are some photos from the bedroom & my closet! Probably too many but oh well The bedroom is a few snaps during day, some later in the week @ night. I was being pretty random, hahahah, I should have taken more photos b/c I’m missing the whole right side of the room,

the closet

Gold metallic paint. Hard to capture in photo but it has a great quality & I used a brush to get it a rough look

Looking up

My drawers for non-hanging items

Summer clothes. I keep them in a drawer b/c I wear them the most after work.

A Swimmer bag lining the bottom of my drawer, hahah

Mirror bottom

I looked REALLY tired
Vanity in background

Bizarre photo of my light in there but I loved how it looked anyway!

Yea, I love my closet. Why??? Well BECAUSE IT’S SEPARATE FROM MIKE’S! One reason we loved this place was because the his & her closets!!!!!! He’s a total slob. He has the other closet (also in the bedroom so it’s not like he’s getting the short stick.) Also, separate closets make him MUCH happier too. hahahah, we “organize” our clothes much, much differently.



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  1. i want your rife jen-sama *worships.

  2. Leanne says:

    woah clothes so cheap! very rarely i find clothes over here for $5 or even $10!

    always wanted a closet because my clothes are just everywhere stuffed in drawers and cupboards,,, not very organised and then i lose clothes and few years later i find clothes i forgot i had bought ^^”

  3. Becky says:

    i love your closet! so organized.

  4. Ys says:

    ahh you have a proper dressing room! i want one!!! hehehe. i’ve already told ray he’s got to make me one when we get our own place. they’re just so grand and pretty aren’t they? i’ve watched far too many house-programmes so i have a long wishlist hehe. it all looks gorgeous :)

  5. Hachi says:

    Holy crap you can get clothes so cheap in the US! They’d only sell something for $5 here if it was holey and moth infested LOL

    HIS & HER’S CLOSETS!! UWAAAAH!!! I want your rife too~

  6. mishisan says:

    Oh wow XD separate closets FTW!! That’s just awesome XD

    Reminds me that my roomate is itching to go to teavana hehe.

    lovely pics as usual ^^

  7. Steph says:

    Separate closets are so awesome TAT;
    Jen should donate some of her clothes to the unfortunate (aka. poor me haha). *Stefuu admiring the amount of clothes Jen has*

    Lovely house. I can’t get over how nice it is!

  8. Nicole says:

    Your bedroom looks so relaxing. :3 I love the colors!

    I’m in love with your house! O.O Separate closets~ that would be amazing! And the wavy mirror is awesome! XD

  9. mai says:

    i seriously love your closet! X3

  10. Nanao says:

    Your bedroom looks so lovely! The colors in your room looks so calm and soothing :D clothes over there seems so much cheaper and looks better too.

    The hello kitty in your photo is so cute! It’s as if it’s trying to sneak into your photo XD

  11. Rebecca says:

    hey! we have the same metal drawer things for non-hanging clothes! *high five* i love the stepladder looking thing by your bed, it’s so cute =D and high five again for girls who wear j’adore dior

  12. tomoko says:

    aw, your closet is so cute and organized.

    i want your house… its very pretty!

    KAWAII! (^_^)

  13. Lorik says:

    Jen….please come and organize my closet!!

    I love those huge boxes of light! They are really awesome looking~ and I love the wall color of the bedrooom~

  14. Thao says:

    Wow. I’m utterly jealous of you and your gigantic closet space! It is huge and it is AMAZING! Everything is so neat and orderly and you have a GAZILLION amount of clothes!!

  15. emma says:

    i wish i had my own closet, oh wait ido..
    its jut tiny lol
    well not here
    right now
    in this hellhole

  16. brenna says:

    Looking great! I love how spacious your closet is. the vanity is a lovely touch and wow, that mirror is impressive :D ikea I’m assuming XD

  17. Genevieve says:

    oh man i wish andy and i could have our own closets. i think that’s GOT to be the hardest part of living with someone- finding places to store your clothes, lol.

    elegant simplicity! looove it!

  18. Karen says:

    I love your closet! Ah, cute stuff^^ The design and decorations of your house is absolutely adorable! Yes, it’s nice to have your own closet. I just hate it when my mom messes the order of my clothes. I’m picky, I know XD My parents have their own separate closets too but they are right across from each other.

  19. emma says:

    heys i changed my URL to get away from my cousin lols
    p.s. i see that doll :D

  20. cin says:

    i love your stufffff!!!!!!!!!

  21. keiko says:

    i have the same mirror that was in that photo of the closet! the one that has ‘waves’ shape lol

  22. izu says:

    wow that’s great! a his/her closet

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