Beach + Rain = Bored

Friday July 31, 2009 comments   

Out at the beach today. It started out cloudy then opened up! I didn’t put on any sunscreen when walking the boardwalk & my shoulders fried D:

kites & flags~

Hermit crabs hangin’ out waiting to be bought.

The waves started getting bigger as the storm rolled in.

Haahaaahaa this booty shorts were made for me right!? “Mike’s Bitch”

Mmmm crab dinner! Seafood Buffet for dinner.

Whack a crab time! I was starvin’ after walking the boardwalk for 2+ hours.

Then it got dark reaaaal fast.
It’s full on thunderstorm ever since t_t.

Lightening & strong winds plus heavy rain allll evening :(

So instead of walking to get a slice of pizza we’re sitting on the couch eating powdered donuts.
S o b o r e d !

Hopefully the sun will come out again tomorrow. I wanna soak up some sun! Properly sun screened this time of course. But still I had a nice day today. Surprisingly relaxing & fun too. Beats being at work at least XD

Whoaa more lightening!


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Aquariums & Bugs

Monday July 27, 2009 comments   

Today we went out in the boat! It was looking like stormy weather so we didn’t go far. Not out to barrier islands. We stayed in the sound instead and anchored at a nice big sand bar! The sun came out & was so intense! I’m quite pink again, hahahaa! It was so quiet & relaxing. A whole little island to ourselves. I didn’t bring my phone so no pics just yet~

Then we came home about 3 hours later because some storm clouds were brewing. Went to Edd’s Drive In for lunch! Looove this place. Really old drive-in with foods that can’t be beat! I got a chili cheese dog & a chocolate malt! It’s the type of place that you just can’t get food that tastes like this any where else!

it’s been around since the 50’s??

Yesterday we drove to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas & Insectorium in New Orleans! Spent 8 hours there! My legs were so sore but it was fun since I hadn’t been in years. The insect place was brand new. I think my Dad just reaaally wanted to go to gross us girls out! It worked.

a large area containing sharks & sea turtles plus schools of fish

tis me~

there’s this pretty aquarium tunnel at the entrance with fish & sting rays & more!

There’s an amazon forest part too with river fish & birds!

At the insect museum. They had designs made using beetles & other insects. This is a beetle design made using beetles! Gross but cool too~

There was a full 3 section dragon design. This is the head portion!

Took it as we left New Orleans. I remember visit in 2005 before Katrina/flood damage. The city was never that clean or modern but now it looks like a ghost cracktown. Really, really bad. It’s a shame. This store is refurbished though & thought it went well with the voodoo gumbo chips I posted earlier!

Well I leave home for DC tomorrow. I dunno. It’s been a bit up & down. It has been quiet though & being outdoors with hours to walk barefoot in the grass… Yea I miss that! But I’m finding I miss DC too. I couldn’t believe it but I do! Guess it’s not time for me to retire just yet to a quiet town huh!? Haahaahaa!