Can No Longer Claim I Don’t Cook

Thursday, Apr. 17, 2014 | 8 Comments   

I cook. That’s who I am now. That is my new life.
Well.. maybe that’s being a bit overdramatic.

Mike was the major chef in the house until his back pain became too much. This past year I slowly ventured into learning how to cook a little more. I had made a handful of pot roasts as well as my usual staples of spaghetti and the occasional curry.

There’s something about being freed from the ideal that, as a woman, you must know how to cook. Growing up my father would say, “No one is going to marry you if you can’t cook.” I’d just scoff and say I’d make sure the other person could cook so that I wouldn’t starve. Mike enjoys cooking. There was no pressure for me to ever learn. So my interest in cooking felt more organic and not some societal norm I was forcing upon myself. And then I felt compelled to add a few new recipes under my belt while Mike recovers from spinal surgery.

At first I struggled. I burned things and I got confused and I hated it because I felt I couldn’t cook what I wanted. But then I realized something. I realized what I enjoy cooking! One pot meals! Oh yes… I thrive in this recipe category!!

I’ve always been good at pasta (and I could eat it every day) however not everyone agrees with my motto. So I stumbled into stir-fry, then casseroles, and even chicken and beef based “pies.” And every one of these has turned out great! Mostly I take vegetarian recipes then add a little chicken or steak into it for Mike’s sake. It’s still easier for me to add a little sliced steak into stir-fry than to cook up a separate steak with sides. I don’t know why but I just straight up burn it and fail at cooking items on their own.

A few of the things I’ve made include Alfredo Mostaccioli, Ginger Veggie Stir-fry, Baked Ziti, Beef Taco Pie, and my usual Curry.

Also my favorite thing so far has been this Chicken Pot Pie recipe. It’s easy (though there’s about 3 major steps) and tastes fantastic!

I’m still looking for recipes at Easy One Pot Meals on FOOD. I find throwing in easy meals some nights gives me a break from the stress of cooking something challenging every single day. Tonight will be spaghetti ;)


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Birthday Day

Sunday, Apr. 6, 2014 | 24 Comments   

Mike’s spinal surgery took place just this Thursday so I had a quiet Birthday at home today baking and calling family. I figured last year I got a tattoo so really anything pales in comparison to that! So I focused on making a pretty cake fit for any pastel mermaid delusional person.

And yesterday I got this huge birthday package from Anna filled with things she picked up on her recent trip to Japan. So many of these are my favorite things. Especially loving the yuzu essential oil for my aroma diffuser. It’s smells perfectly like yuzu!

A few things from Mike including Mermaid Shampoo and the “Flowers in Her Hair” Lippmann polish.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on IG & Tumblr!


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