Cell Roller and Cell Snaps!

Wednesday August 26, 2009   

I’m not particularly excited about the weekend, nor am I OK with it being the work week. I dunno what I’m looking forward to! Some mythical place in my mind perhaps? Or maybe I just look forward to the little moments during the day & night when everything’s… well everything’s alriiiiiiiight and a-ooooooooooook!

Like right now :heartex:

And of course yesterday when my cosmelandusa goods finally arrived! I ordered a cellulite roller, Calorie Off! socks, and the 2 new 爆汗湯 scents introduced last year!

I ordered these things in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way. I know, they’re basically just diet gimmicks, BUT I LIKE GIMMICKS SOMETIMES! I love sweat baths~ The aroma, the intensity~ it’s great! The Cell roller is in the very least a relaxing muscle massage tool. The socks I’m probably most skeptical about. But they’re no different than those belly sweat bands they sell in the fitness sections here. I haven’t tried the socks yet but WILL let you know my opinion of them when I do!

The cellulite roller I have tried. :bow:

Does it work!?
It does and it doesn’t. … Hahaha. It doesn’t “break up” the cellulite in any way of course, BUT any sort of massage helps relieve underlying swelling and after I used this last night I could seriously tell a difference in my thighs. It had reduced the swelling dramatically. So in essence it does have temporary benefits. Of course when I awoke this morning my legs were plump again. :lol:

Also they warn to be careful of applying too much pressure because it could cause bruising. I thought, “what crazy girl would do such a thing!?” But in reality this roller feels so gentle and relaxing it would be easy to accidentally apply too much pressure. OK, OK, I’ll be honest, I have 2 tiny bruises on my left thigh OK!! HAHAHAAA. But it’s so relaxing & comfortable to use it really is easy to over do it.

I scanned a few pages in from this month’s Popteen. They did a bigger keitai snap section this month. I had so much fun staring at it. Though many of these snaps are on the models’ blogs.

I especially loved Nana’s snaps. OK, I really LOVE Nana & her style!! She’s the reason I like Old School Mickey Mouse shirts now (I know, shocking! It’s NOT Kumiko’s influence over me, hahaha, but rather this outfit from April!)




Cute outfits!

Fedora party! AAHHAAHA

Minnetonka and American Comic style~

Hair snaps!
Extension~extensions~extension! BEAUTY SECRET! :ufu:

GOTTA love the FAKE! Chanel nails, hahah! :happylove:

Diet sweat bath salts!

AWWW Rilakkuma! :bigheart:


I kinda like the before better, haha :grin:

For the full scans here’s a zip file of the 5 pages.
Zip File




47 Responses to “Cell Roller and Cell Snaps!”

  1. mishi says:

    That roller thing looks slightly scary XD

    Never really thought mickey mouse and co could be that cute until I saw it on these models and such =o they also get 10 times cuter as deco mail hehe.

    The first pick… where are her boooobs? O_O clothes looks great on all of these girls but adding 5 or so pounds won’t kill them =o

    crazy before and afters

  2. Honeydew says:

    OMG what are those before and after photos of? Like before they did surgery or went on a diet? Or both? But they sure do look REALLY different. Especially that last one! O_O

  3. emm says:

    ROFL at the before and after
    that’s what a bit of eyelid glue, fake eyelashes and make up can do for you
    OMFG lol

  4. Yi Lin says:

    oh my the before and afters are so scary!

  5. Bonnie says:

    The before and afters are really eye opening =)

    I love Bison bath salts too =)

  6. Rachelle says:

    Wow the before and afters are kind of jarring~
    I am a sucker for some gimmicks too, sometimes I just hope they work!

    Ah I want to go clothes shopping now.

  7. Kim says:

    These before and afters are INSANE!!! Maybe that’s why I can’t really tell the difference between some people…

    Sometimes the gimmicks are cute, but then I always waste so much money on them!

  8. Jing says:

    Those “before & after” pictures are amazing. They look completely different O_o

  9. Erin says:

    Ah, I wish I could braid my fringe. It always comes out weird, though!

  10. Nancy says:

    Those before and afters are really crazy! Most of them just dyed thier hair, slapped on a lot of makeup, and learned camera angles though D:

  11. Hachi says:

    SUGOI~~~~! At the before and afters!!
    Hair dye, extensions, weightloss and make up…
    wait, I don’t understand why so many of them used to be fat anyway! It’s so hard to be fat in Japan in the first place!

  12. Ruby says:

    I wonder if the socks are just extra thick & just make you sweat a lot?
    And I’m definitely gonna try & do the chanel nails to myself, seems simple enough. These girls make those crazy hairstyles look so good! I would just look dumb. :(

  13. Suzu says:

    yayyy ~ popteen spam ~ ! :D hahah i cant say enough how much i love this magazine xD

    loll yeah, lately ive been really falling for gimmicks after starting my diet xD i never understood their appeal before ! lol

    heheh ive been looking around for a cute mickey tshirt since all the ones i have are too small for me now ~ lol ive been a huge mickey/minnie fan all my life so it makes me so happy that popteen always have mickey tshirts in their issues now =D
    i also have to go try out sweat bath salts ~~ x] after you explained them last time, ive been dying to try them out ! =3 what brands and scents do you recommend ? :D because i really dont want to accidentally pick out the wrong kind and end up swearing off them for life hahaha the last time i went to ichibankan to get those bath salts, it seems they were out because of a sweat bath salt sale they had D: so hopefully i can go get some this weekend :3

    the first before after makes me think that weight loss is truly amazing ! o_o

  14. cin says:

    hahahaha before after pics are amazing!
    i’m tempted to buy the sweat baths and the calorie off socks from that site but have to sav for japan!!! aghh decisions decisions XD

  15. Lili says:

    Whooaaa, the before and afters are insane! It’s like anyone can become a model with the proper make up and hair.

    Haha I love those fake Chanel nails too~

  16. Becky says:

    I like Nana, she’s so cute~ I think they should feature her more on the covers. I love Kumikki and all but I think Nana would be cute on there too :)
    Those before & afters are interesting XD

  17. Maikue says:

    I’ve always wondered about those cell rollers!!

    i love the nails!! right now.. i’m currently seeking new inspirations for my friend as well as myself..

    and i always find the before and afters amazing!!!

  18. Linda says:

    hahah~ flinstones! :D
    omg those nails are cuuute :3

  19. Veronica says:

    Ooh cosmeland, I haven’t heard of this until now! (thanks)

    Wait wait wait – so you walk in these stockings for one hour, and you burn 416cal?

    IT SOUNDS PAINFUL (hahaaaa)

    • jenny says:

      Hahahah yea, I’m not expecting a comfortable stole in the least! I expect extremely stuffy, tight, sweaty feeling!

  20. mikey kun says:

    wow those before and afters are crazy, oh and yeah sweat baths rock

  21. shirley says:

    Are those before & afters for real?
    Some of them are a bit SCARY!

  22. Megan says:

    I feel dorky saying this, but recently Dr. Oz was on Oprah and I heard him say that there’s actually no permanent way to treat/get rid of cellulite & that LOTS of ppl have it. I forget what the reason was, but I kind of stopped stressing about it after I heard that haha~

    I love the keitai pics! ^_^

  23. Jenii says:

    Omg. I used to dread the weekend since I used to have to work a ton during it and とまと would hate it. But I know the feeling of not liking/anticipating either. Such a weird feeling though. But I think having the days off is still better than a stressful day at work. Methinks?

    Omg. Random stuff FTW. Especially intense bath salts XD

    oh lawd…before and after pics in jmags always crack me up XD

  24. Tori says:

    Awe~~ at least you gave it a try, hahaha!! XD
    LOVE the fake Chanel nails, of course! :)

  25. Hotelier says:

    haha, I love those novelty products – packaging is too cute, can resist! X3 doesnt matter if they are not too effective cause they ARE super fun XD

    I liked the plaited hairstyle :) wonder if it looks good from the side and back….

  26. fleur says:

    the before and after are amazing~~~! I like the first one the most :)
    And your “winding down” accessories are alot of fun!
    PS: I’ve tried the piggy diet stockings before and I swear they work!

  27. Miss Dee says:

    Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    greetings from Mexico

    Miss Dee

  28. Anonymous says:

    oh my gosh! It’s almost my birthday and I’m totally using ALL my birthday monies on those sites! Thank you thank you!

    lemme know if those tights work, I’m totally curious!!

  29. Moo-Shu says:

    love the model snaps! lol at those before and afters too. shows anyone can be made beautiful with the right tools. hehe

  30. jas says:

    the cell roller thingy! i was so crazy over slimming down my thighs and i rolled that thing at a high pressure and i have lots of bruising too! D:

    the after and before photos are !!!!

  31. Ys says:

    Oh gosh them nails scare me! Hehehehehe.

    Hehe I love the sound of the cellulite roller thingy!

  32. franni says:

    those before & afters make me feel so good about myself *_____*

  33. Reita says:

    I always find it interesting looking at Before and After photos.
    Some people can have such a dramatic change!

  34. dearsuet says:

    kumiko always be the cover girl..
    I feel bored..

  35. Anna says:

    Those before and after photos are crazy! And I really love Nanas outfit snaps! I have a couple of fatbusters things, but yeah, I’m not sure if they work. Haha.

  36. Louise says:

    Whoa…that last before/after is really scary. There has to be surgery involved! Her eyes got SO BIG!

    That roller thing looks different in the 2nd picture than what I imagined. For some reason, I thought it was like….soft rubbery fingers, so I couldn’t tell it could help. But now that I see what it actually looks like, it might *actually* be helpful (not with cellulite) but with excercising. More specifically, it’s probably great to use that on your legs after a day of running to loosen up the muscles after a cooldown stretch so they don’t get sore.

    • jenny says:

      Exactly! Actually the next day Mike got a severe charlie horse!! We’re talking he couldn’t walk! So I worked it out with this and the next day he was already back to feeling 100% better.

  37. isabelle says:

    what advice would you give to those who are tempted to eat unhealthy food?

    • jenny says:

      I just think about what’s more important to me. 5 minutes of a good taste or all day with a slim body ;P

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