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Sunday February 28, 2010 comments   

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W♥C I Want to Become a Scientist

Sunday February 28, 2010 comments   


Last week (I think) W♥C released some new t-shirts! I went ahead and snagged one sending it to my friend in Japan this time (and no shopping service because I worried it might sell out, which it didn’t, LOL :smallcry: .) I got it this morning!! It’s so cute! I miss ringer-tees! I had a red Care Bears ringer t-shirt in High School and really missed it.

It’s neat, there’s the logo on the delivery bag and inside they include a shopping bag and the spring 2010 catalog! :kyaaface:


However, it wasn’t all good news… :facecry:
I noticed there was a tiny hole under the sleeve near the armpit! :ackface:
GAAAAAAAAAAH!! :stressedmind:

Looks like the sewing machine got snagged up and missed an area leaving a hole!! :facepalmcry:
Maybe if this was a cheap F21 shirt it would be OK & expected, but I paid $45 :kanjicry::girlrage:

Good news though!
I can fix it easily!
It’s very tiny and along the seam so it’ll be good as new! ;) And it’s under the sleeve too so it’ll be invisible any how.

But this just sort of reinforces my thoughts lately about that New Year’s Resolution. Lately when I’m looking at Japanese web shops I often tell myself “But I’ll be there in a few months where I can try the stuff on first! I should wait!!” :okicon:

Maybe I should just go ahead and stick with that idea? I won’t be quickly buying US clothes like before either. The past 2 months of not doing that has really curbed my aggressive shopper appetite, LOL.

Oh well~ anyway. I still love my shirt! :twinklepink: I think I’ll just leave my future W♥C purchases to IN PERSON shopping. Haahaaaa~~ :driftingheart:

My friend sent along something else too~~
More on that later…~~~~ :cher: :gigglewakuface:


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