Still Waiting for Spring

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It snowed all day yesterday and again today. I don’t mind the snow. I prefer snow to just cold for cold’s sake. I only want it to warm up because the cold makes my botched root canal ache more. But the sun is out more and more and I feel like dressing in lighter colors more and more. I also want to pick up more of this Elderflower & Rose Lemonade. Elderflower is tastes nice. There’s an Elderflower soda from found that’s really good but since the first time I bought it’s been sold out and the other soda’s don’t taste as good.


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It’s Still Winter

Monday, Jan. 27, 2014 | 9 Comments   

I’ve started craving a little more color in my wardrobe and went shopping for pastels this weekend. A challenge right now as every store is trying to get rid of their thick wool and black pants which is beyond tempting. So much so that I bought a new pair of black slacks for work. But I also got a light grey sweater (light grey it counts!) and a pastel blue blazer similar to my old mint colored blazer. Though it’s surprising I’m thinking about spring when it’s still below freezing most days and snowing constantly.

new clothes

new clothes

I got a few Elence 2001 products recently including this above hair mask. This line of hair products is all about a healthy scalp and breaks their line down by hair needs (such as volume.) This mask smells really good and fruity. It doesn’t weigh my hair down as much as Essential’s does but I want to try it a few more times before I decide if I like it or not. :)

Also I was looking at Artifact Uprising earlier and felt really determined to put together a 2013 book! But like many past attempts at creating these online photobooks I wonder if it would just peter out. Currently I only seem to accomplish putting together old-fashioned style photo albums with printed photos and album sleeves. And then I’m also like, “is this something I want to haul around with me if I move?” I don’t know. Sometimes I feel I’m the only person who could ever talk themselves out of documenting wonderful memories!


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