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Friday May 06, 2011   

Just a little inspo for a Friday! I love checking Style-Arena every week for inspiration and trend watching. I found a few things this week I really liked…

Ohhh I really like this. :deco3: Simple but sophisticated. All my favorite elements too, white button shirt, blazer, otk socks with contrasting shoes, torn jean shorts. Retro-ish flap-bag too in wonderful camel color. :deco15: I have a bag like this on order that I hope arrives soon *fingers crossed* I like the blazer’s material too. Looks cotton which is similar to the black one I got from UNIQLO. :deco8:

This outfit I like and feel is similar to my closet items. :ok: Lace knit cardigan, with soft pink lace detail top, socks + sandals, yeah! I like this look a lot right now. Very laid back retro girl style. :deco6:

Ah fun toenail color LOL. Made me think of summer! :deco12:

I liked this because she’s wearing WC brand shorts but her look is casual with sophisticated elements. Sorta a grown-up way to wear certain trends ::9: Like the fringe boots ^_^

These two are just cat modcloth items! Ah I like these. lolol The earrings are really cheap at $7.99! The umbrella however is $39… =Y

I really want this weekend & next week to not suck like this week did LOL!!! :rainy::deco13: Things have been so good until last Sunday when I got food poisoning. :x Then it just all went to hell with every day finding some reason to suck! Ha! May has been douchey thus far :ng:



26 Responses to “A Little Friday Inspo”

  1. karme says:

    sock envy!

  2. Their outfits are awesome!


  3. Aw well I hope you had tons of fun this weekend! ^^ My has been so-so for me, but hopefully it will be better for both of us! haha~

    You know I always love the coordinates/inspiration pics that you put up! It really is so cute! I love the first picture the most!

  4. Willa says:

    I love the inspirations! The retro one is my favorite one. ^^

  5. Tori says:

    Awh, I hope this month starts going better for you soon, Jenny :(
    Lovely outfit picks here though, & those cat stud earrings are just too cute ♥

  6. Alanna says:

    Loving your inspo,especially the first outfit:D love those otk socks and shoes!

  7. zoraida says:

    i want their shoesssssss!!!!

    i can’t wait for seattle’s weather to stop sucking and be consistently sunny~

  8. Veronica says:

    So glad you’re better :/

    I love the flouncy menswear top with the ripped jeans and blazer! So many color combinations of that formula! *lurv*

  9. Fatiha says:

    Such cute outfits!! I like the first one best. Really inspirational~ Definitely feel the need to do some online shopping…. hehe

    I was hoping this weekend would be sunny, but all of the weather forcasts are saying it’ll be raining on the east cost…
    Weekend for me will be a bitch…

    Anyway~ glad you’re recovering from this week! ^_^ sat strong Jenny!

    • Fatiha says:

      Oh dear…. Hehe I meant *stay~ sat would be… Very odd!

      • jenny says:

        Sat strong makes me think I have buns of steal!! \:D/

        Yeah our weather is up & down up & down! Now it looks like every day will be amazing xOOOOO! I hope it stays that way. I sorta planned my weekend around thinking Sunday would be rainy =Y

  10. Elisa says:

    I love that website as well :D

  11. Asuka says:

    I love the jacket from the first look :)

    This is kinda off topic, but your blog popped into my mind today… because I think I remember you talking about Crabtree & Evelyn’s Rosewater lotion and creams… I saw them at a store I often go to for $7.99 a bottle… so I bought the bath gel and hand lotion. You are right… the DO smell really good!

  12. Mei says:

    I love the second look ! :D
    I seldom check style-arena now -_-

  13. Sidney says:

    these days i’m totally seeing the appeal of all neutral colours mixed together for an outfit, like that first one. LOVE!!! and any outfit with shorts always makes me feel awesome since i feel like all i wear are shorts 8D;; oops hahahaha

  14. Huynh says:

    I love the first two outfits. I’m gonna check out that website more :)

  15. elizabeth says:

    I reeeeeaaaaallyyyy like this post *v*. Kekeke~ fashion ideas! Hope you’re feeling better now :(

  16. Sakky says:

    I really like that first coordinate! So chic~ And your catearing and umbrella are VERY cute. ^ ^

  17. Miyake says:

    Ahh, the first and second outfit is totally you! The first outfit looks so chic and messy, like traveling-while-still-look-good :). I so neeeed to get my hands on a grey blazer like that and a similar hat, hehehe.

  18. rene says:

    I like the 2nd outfit very much too! I saw a similar looking vintagey-grandma looking cardigan from Miss Selfridge yesterday! But it was pricey.

    Thank you so muchhh for sharing the stylearena webbie!! I have been searching so long for a site like that!! Loveee you!!

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