Owls and Black Roses

Saturday November 19, 2011   

A few more accessories from last weekend. There was a nice sale at Nordstroms where I found these earrings. I headed to the Marc by Marc Jacobs section first but then these little Juicy Couture owls caught my eye. They’re very petite with shining green eyes. They pair easily with an oversized earring set! For the Marc by Marc Jacobs pair I bought these black roses which will be great for winter. They match both gold and silver earrings. I think they look best paired with small faux pearl studs :) I’ve been wearing both all week.

My new lenses finally arrived too. :ok: But I won’t open them until after I’m over this cold. :;_;: I might not really be around for a few days or so until I’m over it. We’ll see. These are Neo Cosmo brown lenses. They’re a bit brighter in color than I expect. :up: I don’t know why I kept thinking they were more chocolate brown because when I bought them I could clearly tell they were more honey brown which should match the hazel in my eyes better! :deco2: I had to toss my gray pair last weekend. They had gotten a little too dry from not being worn enough plus I’ve had then since April. I’m hoping now that I’m down to just this pair I’ll wear them a lot which will keep them fresh with constant upkeep. I do have a pair of max pure gray and max pure green left but I might toss them too. :angry: Just to get it down to 1 single favorite pair. We’ll see. :dizzy:



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  1. Jia Ni says:

    Those owl earrings are amazingly adorable and sweet looking!! I think they’ll compliment and bring out your eyes so much too! :DD

  2. Magie says:

    Oh, I do hope that you feel better!

    Your new earrings are so cute. I love simple, little earrings for my second piercing to down play my fancy and/or big earrings. :) Nordstrom always has the cutest things, albeit a bit obnoxious in pricing, occasionally…

    Do you love your circle lenses? I am thinking of buying a Hana 30 Days pair of circle lenses for daily use after I run out of clear ones, but I’m not sure how my eyes would handle them or if they’re even worth it… :/ Anyhow!

    I love your blog and you’re my absolute style icon, deary. I hope that I am nearly as wonderful and fabulous as you, when I finally reach adulthood. Btw, I-95 is completely nuts after 3 pm, isn’t it?! I was driving towards Springfield, (Siagon City has the BEST Pho and egg rolls…) today, and there were FIVE accidents, just going that direction!

    I knew that we had a lot of accidents here in Virginia, but that was just intense! It completely blew my mind just how insane and impatient people are in the area. No wonder my mom always tells me to avoid the freeway… :3

    • jenny says:

      Sorry you left such an amazing comment but I’ve been too sick to reply.

      I’ve never tried the Hana series. Not sure it comes in my -9.00. Hmmm for me I like having both my dailies to wear and then circle lenses on certain days but mostly it’s because I work at an office staring at a screen for 8 hours so I want my eyes comfortable. So I don’t wear circle lenses to work bc they’re a bit thicker usually and a bit more drying than extended wear daily lenses. But that’s just my personal preference. Like I said I’ve never used the new Hana 30 days so maybe they’re as breathable and comfortable. But I would buy them before you run out so you can do a test run!

      Lol #1 In traffic for America, not a coincidence! XD

  3. Mika says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Your new earrings are so cute :3 I really love the black rose ones!

  4. hannah says:

    Those earrings are so cute! I wish I could muster the want to wear lots of jewlery instead of just a simple ring on my right hand. ;.;

    • jenny says:

      I feel ya. I went years without wearing earrings. Surprisingly my holes didn’t close! I don’t really wear rings (except my wedding ring) or bracelets very often.

  5. Fashimi says:

    Haha, you and owls! They are very cute though.

  6. felicia says:

    omg i’m in love with those black roses ~ i’m doing this shirt project in fashion class where i’ve made tons of black roses and i’m planning to decorate the shirt i made with them. I think they match perfectly with my lilac shirt @ x @ sorry for going on about this, seems very uninteresting… orz

  7. Ooh love that Marc one! ^^

    I bought some lenses recently and I guess I’ve been too lazy and/or not feelin’ like wearing them after not wearing lenses for a month or so because of mine going bad XDD

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I felt like that this spring I think?? I went through weeks of not wearing them then started to only wear a favorite pair on weekends. I want to wear these a lot. Though still haven’t opened them yet :X

  8. ShuShu ♥ says:

    very nice purchases. the earrings are very cute and definitely will match easily to any outfit and the lenses seem having an awesome color. i’m pretty much into honey brown eye colors *~* if i ever buy some lenses i certainly will choose a similar color :3

    ShuShu ♥

    • jenny says:

      I haven’t had a pair of honey color really yet. My max pure brown were a bit honey, but more just light brown xP So I’m not sure how they’ll look :)

  9. Alyse says:

    Looove the little black roses..! They just so chic ♥
    Also, I have the same prescription for my contacts. I hate being so blind Lol Sucks you had to get rid of your older pairs though :/

    • jenny says:

      Seriously SO BLIND! And so many lenses don’t go high enough for us! Gah!

      Yeah my previous pair was about 9 months old and they only last a year. I had worn them constantly then went through a long period of only wearing them a few times a month. I cleaned them often still but yeah. I should have kept on wearing them regularly. Oh well. They were reaching a year soon anyway :)

  10. Mai says:

    Those earrings are super cute! But I’d be afraid to spend that much on earrings since they seem like they’d be easy to lose :(! How do you normally store your tiny studs?

  11. mei says:

    cute earrings :D

  12. Courtney says:

    The owls are cute and seem very vintage to me. Nice to add a little nostalgic flair I think ^^

  13. Joey says:

    Such cute earrings. Get well soon!

  14. Tori says:

    Pretty earrings ♥
    Get well soon, Jenny~~!!

  15. Amelia says:

    Those own earrings are so cute, but then again owls in general are cute.

  16. Sami says:

    Those owl earrings are just so sweet and delicate!

  17. Both earring are so cute! When year ends, the only thing that i really like is the sales. You can get a lot of good discounts in good products, i fell in love with the MJ earring♥

  18. cin says:

    I hope you’re getting well~~
    The owl earrings are so cute!

  19. anastasia says:

    Ahhh those owls!!! Also I can’t wait to see the contacts. Lately, colored/circle lenses have been fascinating me. Unfortunately, with my messed up eyesight it’ll never happen.


  20. Amanda says:

    I love, love looove thoses owl earings! ^_^
    I hope I’m not botering you when asking this but I’m working on changing and improving my blog, I’m going to move it to another server and then to my own domain and I was just wondering if you have to move the blog to be able to insert a tag cloud/list on another page?

    I’m going to Stockholm soon, for a month! I have to make time to visit the Marc by Marc Jacobs then! Never been before!

    • jenny says:

      Good luck with moving your blog!!! I’m sorry I don’t really understand the question though. Are you going to be installing wordpress on your new server space? You should be able to set up your old blog (saved archives, basically saved database tables) at your new space and so your tags will in a way “re-appear” once you’re done.

  21. Jessica says:

    Omigosh, owl earrings!! So cute! Couldn’t really see the black earrings, but anything by Marc Jacobs is cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. z says:

    the owls! they’re so retro.. for some reason they make me think of that 70’s show haha. they’re very cute :)

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