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Wednesday May 14, 2014   

Quick update about this blog. I made a few changes and the layout should better fit devices like tablets and phones now.

the site in different devices

I’m hoping I’ll be a little better at replying to questions and comments now that the comment form will be easier to use on my phone! And any time I do an update to the layout I get all excited to post more and come up with stupid ideas. I was thinking, “What if I focused on 1 topic each month? Like Makeup May or Garden June?” But then I also thought that might get boring too hahaha! I know for me this blog is just a personal space to fill however I please and I haven’t been interested in “growing” it since the peak of the blog o’ sphere a few years ago. In a way blogging for me has come full circle. From an online diary back in 2003 to something I wanted to “get out there” and work with sponsors to reverting back to wanting it only for myself again; pressure free.

Blogs aren’t what they used to be. There’s a definite decline in numbers. Maybe the market became over-saturated or maybe social media takes over a niche many bloggers truly needed. And I don’t think blogs are going away and I wouldn’t want to see that! But even hyper-popular blogs get only a fraction of the comments they used to. I’ve noticed more reaching out through social media to discuss something on my blog rather than commenting and that’s a-ok with me!

The trends of blogging and social media (and basically the public at large) will always be fascinating to me :)


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  1. Liz K says:

    Frankly, I rarely comment on the blogs I read unless there is a draw or I really feel I can contribute. I follow multiple blogs, including yours which I love, and just wouldn’t have time to post to them all. Your new layout is great, BTW, and I like the laid back style of your posts. This is, after all, your blog so do with it what you like (although I am a superfan of your beauty posts).

    • jenny says:

      I’m the same way. I rarely, rarely comment on blogs I read and these days I read far less of them opting for my Tumblr feed instead. I appreciate your feedback on this post and will keep the beauty comment in mind ;)

  2. Honeydew says:

    Oh I think having a blog to work with sponsors is great, who wouldn’t want to receive free stuff?! lol. But then again, I understand how it can be tiring when all you’re doing on your blog is to just “get it out there” to reach more people for your sponsors, it can be quite pressuring. I actually think blogging is really tough work. It’s like almost having another job and if you already have a full-time job outside of blogging, sometimes you just want to take a break and just enjoy blogging “for fun” and not do more work that would lead you to a more stressful life. It takes away the fun.

    I think you’re probably one of the few bloggers that I comment the most out of all the other blogs that I read and follow. Mostly because I feel like the things you write I can relate to them or we share more similar interests. I have noticed your blog seems to be a lot different than how it used to be. You post less pictures of yourself (such as outfit snaps and selcas) than you used to a few years ago. But I also enjoy the other pictures you post as well such as gardening, home decor, bath, beauty, etc. I don’t know if it’s because of the way you take your pictures or you’re just really good at doing what you do. Whenever I come to read your blog, it’s always very calming and relaxing and it makes me want to come back to read it again. It’s like a secret garden to escape from reality! =)

    • jenny says:

      Oh I totally don’t knock those bloggers that do enjoy the sponsors and networking! That’s great! I definitely started feeling some of the things you mentioned about those sponsored posts too.

      Sometimes I do miss posting those things but I don’t miss strangers approaching me knowing everything about me and I know nothing about them LOL!

  3. Mai says:

    The decline in numbers and commenters on other blogs was something I also noticed. I used to have a long list of blogs I read when Google Reader still existed. However, it seems that a lot of those blogs slowly became inactive one by one :(. I’ve taken a few breaks myself, but always come back to blogging because I find it fun. I don’t think blogs will ever disappear, but I think a lot of people have moved onto watching video blogs rather than reading blogs.

    • jenny says:

      Video blogs! Yes vlogs surprisingly became more popular! And then I saw a lot of blogs, such as Rinka’s even, become less active after she joined Instagram. I still use Netvibes as my RSS reader but I might log into it only a few times a month now.

  4. Michelle says:

    I can definitely see a change from blogs to vlogs these days. I think the ease of just watching something versus reading something may be a factor, but I will always love reading blogs (esp. yours). I feel like I’m a ghost reader in a sense where I only respond when I know the subject well enough, you know, to avoid feeling stupid, haha. Regardless, keep doing your thing! I love anything you post since it’s always refreshing to see something different from what other people post. Plus, you influence me a ton on things to get (I bought the Tokyo Eats book after seeing your post on it and love it)!

    • jenny says:

      Michelle!! I feel we are part of the “old gang” because I’ve known you so long! I almost never respond. I think I stopped responding when captcha starting becoming popular. Really… I wonder if comment spam is more to blame for comments becoming a bit passe’ you know?

  5. Sofia says:

    I too noticed how popular blogs started getting less comments. It’s interesting. My own blog is very small and I’m fine with that, but when I look at my statistics I see I have much more visitors than I would have guessed from the amount of comments (pretty much zero haha…) So I really wonder why people keep reading, yet don’t comment. But it’s kind of a trend now I suppose, to just read blogs quickly while multitasking 10 other things… :)

    • jenny says:

      Your last sentence is so true. I know personally I’ll read blogs “in-between.” So quickly on a break or on the 20minute train commute etc. etc.

  6. Nicole says:

    I can’t deny that I love the constant entertainment of social media and micro blogging platforms, but I really do miss the early/mid 00’s blogging era. I miss crazy new layouts, gathering affiliates, exchanging blinkies, plugging blog commenters, etc…oh and FANLISTINGS haha! I still keep a folder of my old layout screenshots and all of the “blog awards” I had. I’m always hoping for a revival, but like I said I do really love social media!

    • Nicole says:

      Also it’s funny that you mention this because I was recently going back to your older entries to see if any of the blogs you had plugged were still active. Sadly they weren’t. D:

      • jenny says:

        Oh my god yes! I miss those days too!!! Blogrings and fanlistings! I even had a fanlisting of my own! And the quizzes… ohhhhhhh the quizzes!

        There are definitely old blogs I wish were still active but my old posts are like a graveyard in the comment entries now :(

  7. Miya says:

    I love your blog for the casual carefree approach!! Keep on posting organically because I think its wonderful! And ultimately will always be so much more unique then the commercialized world blogging has become now.

  8. Marimargret says:

    I feel that as the internet ages, people evolve to communicating differently. I remember when I was 10/11 and Livejournal was the place to be for all intellectual, artistic, personal blogging and social networking that was more bourgeois and pretentious than say, Myspace. Then, came the Facebook and Tumblr age. People seem to prefer microblogging to the long format that is say, Blogspot. It doesn’t take much education or knowledge to use.

    But, I’ve always enjoyed reading ‘lifestyle’ blogs. I like seeing things that other people are experiencing, how they perceive it, what they like, etc. It’s a less interactional way to learn about society and yourself, as an inner being.

    I would have no idea of my interest in fashion, if not for bloggers like you, Marianna, Alexa Dagmar, Universal Doll, Black Saliva, etc. (I wouldn’t have become a sales associate or realized my interest in Business, at school, if I hadn’t become interested in fashion, thanks to women like you!) I was terrified of moving to the East coast and living in Virginia, when I was 15, but reading about all the things there are to do in this region and how much you, among other bloggers, enjoyed them… It was comforting.

    Everyone thinks and perceives things differently, does different things, so it’s amazing to ‘connect’ with others and learn from them, through blogs.

    I love your new layout’s format, it’s lovely. I always enjoy reading your blog and I will continue to, for as long as you’re comfortable sharing. Have a wonderful day!


    • jenny says:

      Thank you for sharing that amazing backstory! When I think of it in that way it’s so true. Blogging has shaped lives, myself included! It can help reveal the right path or give you reassurance and courage.

  9. Shea says:

    I hope that you never get rid of your blog. I have been following it for years and I’m such a big fan. Keep up the good work!

  10. Loma says:

    Blogosphere really changed but I do believe in the power of personal blogs. You blog when you feel like and about what you feel like writing, no worries, no pressure. That shows the real person behind the computer. I believe your blog is one of the few ones I truly follow and read and comment each post since 2007! And I really appreciate your content, how you blog about your daily life and things you are passionate about. Love to hear it is responsive now! I usually comment from my tablet, except today that I’m using my desktop hehe <3 Never stop blogging, please!

    • jenny says:

      I’m so glad the responsive change works for you!!! And thank you. I know in the past I would be pressured to blog about this or that but these days I feel more free and accepted to blog about whatever :)

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  12. Tiff says:

    I love your new layout on my phone! The comments used to screw up pretty bad.
    I really like your carefree post whatever approach. It’s a throwback to the ol’ 2004 blogging days like Nicole said earlier. I recently became super nostalgic for that stuff!

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