So You’re into Hockey Now?

Tuesday November 04, 2014   

Yes and no. Yes my obsession for hockey has consumed me these past 2 seasons but no it’s not necessarily new. I got into hockey on my 14th birthday when my Dad took me to my first game. It spiraled out of control from there. I had jerseys, players cards, and tapes upon tapes of VCR recorded games. I followed hockey through high school and into college. But it wasn’t easy with the lockouts and balancing school with work. Slowly I fell behind. Any time I tried to get back into it I felt overwhelmed. Rules had changed, my favorite players had retired, and there were even more expansion teams.

But then Sochi happened. The women’s teams were so good (as per usual) and I got sucked in and took the time to figure out the new rules (icing used to be simple) and the current standings within the NHL. Getting to know the NHL players through the olympics made it easier to get to better know the teams. And so that is how I am here today. About to post some photos from a seriously fantastic night I had early last month.

Opening day for the Washington Capitals. And who did they play? The Montreal Canadiens. Yes the Caps are “my team” by proximity but the Canadiens are “my team” at heart. Pk Subban, Carey Price. Absolute favorites. So when Mike and I got last minute reseller tickets next to the Canadiens bench I knew it was going to be a great night. Honestly this was one of the best moments in my life. It felt like fulfilling a childhood dream really. I could never afford the airfare or game tickets to see my favorite franchise team as a kid. But now it was more than a possibility… it had become reality!

montreal canadiens at the washington capitals

montreal canadiens at the washington capitals
montreal canadiens at the washington capitals

Wow… I got really in-depth and emotional about hockey. I usually leave that for my Tumblr.


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  1. jeannine says:

    every time you talk about hockey it makes me so happy!!! i don’t have much friends who know hockey seriously so it’s refreshing ;3; let me know if you ever want me to get you some official habs merchandise!

    • jenny says:

      Heeeeeeey careful there b/c I’ve been hunting down one of those habs ugly sweaters in busy block style so I might take you up on that some day! hahahaha!

  2. megan says:

    Oh! I’ve seen you getting “frustrated” over hockey on tumblr and I think, “well, at least she’s not a Sabres fan like my boyfriend,” haha. I think their official name last year was “worst team in the league” and I’m not sure this year is any better…His family is from Buffalo though, so he is bound to watching them, haha. He’s a fan of the sport (but not in a crazy way?), and knows so much about it, so while I don’t usually give a shit about any sport I feel I can at least respect it. So I think it’s really cool you got to that game! :) He says the players are so much faster when you watch them in person. That sentence sounds silly, but I think I’m trying to put words to a feeling or image in my mind and not doing so well with it, haha.

    • jenny says:

      No it’s definitely a more intense game in person without the camera angles and zooms so I get you! I was watching a Canandiens x Sabres game last night and just… I can’t say much b/c I love the Habs but that game was really hard to watch xO

  3. Miya says:

    I gotta say I think your hockey love is something I never would have guessed about you :) but its adorable!

  4. Eliud kosgei says:

    i love watching hocky but how will i get to play the game.?..yes am a marathon runner..

  5. Veronica says:

    Nice! I story boarded a commercial for Pure Hockey and they had a player from the Capitals in it. It was pretty funny – he had to work a regular job there but kept doing hockey things like dive over the lunch table like the boards, teach a kid how to throw his gloves off and start a fight etc

    Wish I could skate – would be fun to do more than just hobble in a circle

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