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Google “Blogs are dead” and you’ll find dozens of articles that reminisce and lament on the fact that blogs, indeed, are past their prime. As for someone who started blogging in 2001, and doesn’t consider herself “a writer,” I feel it’s more of a full-circle effect. For my blog it’s a keepsake. The guilt that used to nag me when I didn’t update isn’t there anymore. But the thought, “what should I do with my blog” does come to mind.

A lot of Bloggers use Instagram more heavily now.

I’ve all but moved to my Tumblr. I’m there almost daily. I fill it with hockey, feminism, aesthetic”ness”, rants, and humor that wouldn’t be humor outside of Tumblr. Because I can update that from my phone Easily.

Not to say I can’t blog here from my phone, but it’s more cumbersome. And my phone makes images look better than maybe they really are. A few times I’ve blogged from my phone I’ve gotten, “these photos suck” comments and when I’d check on a computer, they really did.

I post things as I please. I sort of want it Mart magazine inspired. Especially since most days I put much of my efforts into cooking, house keeping, and whatever, working I suppose! I honestly don’t know what I do these days okay, I just know I’m busy.

I just know that “taking outfit snaps” requires me to stop what I’m doing, try to find decent lighting, make myself later for something than I want to be, ect. I put effort into what I buy, what I have hanging in my closet, enough so that I usually love what I’m wearing. That was the point of the past 2+ years right? Getting my clothes into a tidy capsule that getting dressed would be both easy and a reflection of who I was that day. And I’ve achieved that. So maybe that’s why sharing outfits seems a bit boring to me now.

I also don’t read blogs very often. And if I do it’s of my long-time internet pals.

And I know I’ve said similar things like this before. I still often get the “I miss your blog” comments and I truly appreciate those, I do, because… I miss it too. I miss those 2009 days full of countless blogs and 100+ comment conversations! That shit was fun! But that’s nostalgia and things change, it’s inevitable, and that keeps things from getting too boring. So if you need me, like really need me, I’m usually on Tumblr or Instagram. ;)

I’m planning to post some recipes soon too!






Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunday February 15, 2015 comments   

Here it’s snowing with high winds and sub-zero temperatures so staying in is the better bet.

I sent and received some Valentine’s packages this year. I feel lucky to have such good friends even if they live so far off. Even if I can only see them once every couple of years it’s easy to stay in touch these days especially compared to only 6~7 years ago! I remember 1 of the main reasons I had a blackberry in ’08 was because it was the only phone that would allow me to email Japanese phones directly. Now everything is so much easier.

Mike got me roses this year with a french mason jar. Mostly in his eyes he got me the mason jar, haha, I like it a lot though! It says “jardin” on it.

Today I also got my hair cut very short again, so here is a photo from before that when my hair is fluffier and longer! I’ll take a new one soon since the cut I got was the same from August and I really liked that style. Lately, even the extra few inches, made it too difficult to “wash ‘n go” in the mornings. It’s winter… getting out of bed is tough enough let alone spending 70% of my morning trying to get my hair to look decent.

The latest issue of Lee is really pretty. I have a subscription to this magazine and also just ordered a subscription to Mart magazine. I went without a magazine subscription for a while after I quite Sweet magazine.


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