Birthday Day

Apr 06, 2014 comments   

Mike’s spinal surgery took place just this Thursday so I had a quiet Birthday at home today baking and calling family. I figured last year I got a tattoo so really anything pales in comparison to that! So I focused on making a pretty cake fit for any pastel mermaid delusional person.

And yesterday I got this huge birthday package from Anna filled with things she picked up on her recent trip to Japan. So many of these are my favorite things. Especially loving the yuzu essential oil for my aroma diffuser. It’s smells perfectly like yuzu!

A few things from Mike including Mermaid Shampoo and the “Flowers in Her Hair” Lippmann polish.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on IG & Tumblr!

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Mermaid Perfume

Apr 02, 2014 comments   

My birthday’s this Sunday and Karme already got me 2 fragrances as a gift! Mermaid Perfume and Rose Petal, Peony, and Bergamot perfume oil.

mermaid perfume and rose petal oil
rose petal, peony, and bergamot perfume oil
mermaid perfume and rose petal oil

The Petal Pusher Oil is fantastic! Everything about this feels nostalgic. The preserved rose buds, the fact it’s a roll-on, and overall fragrance of the oil. Reminds me of a rose soap scent. Very light and very clean.

The Mermaid Perfume has notes of orange blossom and the overall fragrance reminds me of honeysuckle. It’s very light and airy.

mermaid perfume and rose petal oil and Oceane fragrance
YSL Elle, Bvlgari, living grace

These 2 new perfumes plus the Oceane I bought in February are new for me. I usually like to stick with fragrances I know. I’m sensitive to some notes and can get headaches easily with the wrong perfume (Chloe even causes me nausea even though I think the fragrance is very nice.) The bottom 4 are my “usuals.” The Living Grace is only a little new to me as I bought it last summer because of Supernatural. I’d consider Bvlgari’s au the vert my signature scent. If I could only own 1 it would be that forever & ever.

I’m excited to have more variety for the summer :)

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