Belated Birthday

Sunday April 12, 2015 comments   

It was my birthday last week and it was a really pretty spring day with a great cake and thoughtful gifts. I wasn’t in the mood for the usual fluffy cake, I wanted king cake. But 2 problems with that. 1) king cake is out of season and 2) king cake is not readily available in this region. Plus with my fracture… I couldn’t even make one! Instead Mike offered to make it and it turned out fantastic. King cake combines the confusion of bread making with the hefty ingredient list of a homemade cake. It was a lot to ask for to be honest. But it was exactly what I wanted. [he followed this recipe.]


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Merry Christmas!

Wednesday December 24, 2014 comments   

I just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone who visits my blog! I know I don’t update as much as I used to but I still love this blog and hope I can pick up the pace in 2015. I’m currently sick with a cold (I know I’m always ill, and I hope that is just a 2014 curse!) and I’m getting pretty used to my new computer (which is another reason I haven’t been updating as much, everything takes longer because I have all new programs.)

a christmas present