A Summer Update

Sunday June 07, 2015 comments   

white sandals with so ugly they are cute watermelon socks between the leaves of a money tree

It’s humid, and rainy, and there’s less traffic in the mornings with no school buses. Must be summer :)

I bought these white Birkenstocks from Madewell weeks ago, maybe even months, because…
1) They were incredibly soft and flexible
2) I no longer know what’s cool

I was going to wear them while commuting but I’ve been babying them because they’re so clean and perfect. But this week I’ve been wearing them out into the mud so they’re sufficiently broken in now.

white Birkenstock sandals and pink Watermelon socks from Target stores
Black bucket bag purse with gold lining

I had gotten a bit tired of tote bags this past winter and decided I preferred the feel of a bucket bag for now. I got this one in black leather with metallic gold interior which is a perfect pair to my old standby the black and gold Julia Marco canvas tote.

Essie brand nail polish in a nude pink shade with soap shaped like a gemstone

I also started wearing more sheer nail colors. I went months without wearing polish due to being injured; so when I put on some old polish it looked so heavy. I couldn’t stand opaque colors now! So I started picking up more sheer shades. This one from Essie is called Nude Beach and it’s a sheer pink with a shimmer of green.

Also found these soaps shaped like rock quartz at Anthropologie. I picked up a few! They smell so good but I admit I’ve yet to unwrap one and use it.

Frankie magazine from my friend Joey and my current hanging wardrobe for the summer
photos of the living room and bedroom both yellowed from summer sun streaming through the windows
mellow images of the living room on a cooler day
new light fixture has mason jar like pendants with edison bulbs
the light fixture not turned on and the antiqued edison bulb located in one of the fixtures speckled with metallic gold flakes

I’ve been mostly busy updating things around the house after a big IKEA trip last weekend. Today we got the new light fixture up in the bedroom. I ordered a batch of Edison bulbs to go in it. A few years ago I noticed the edison bulbs coming out but didn’t have a use for any until now. I also added two new “money trees” after enjoying the one I got for the office in March. When I was pushing it through IKEA almost every person I passed asked me where I had gotten the plant! They’re almost always sold out when I go but I went first thing in the morning this time.

I don’t usually like potted plants in the house but my other tree has done well enough that I’m willing to risk it in 2 more rooms.


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Around the House

Saturday April 25, 2015 comments   

Since I’m mostly at home these days waiting for my arm to heal, this is all I really have for taking photos. I have an examination next Friday and I’m hoping it reveals that everything is healing but I admit I have doubts. Surgery is still an option on the table and after 8 week of recuperating I still have daily pain and am unable to straighten out my arm completely. But until I have a better look at my bone’s healing progress I’ll keep enjoying my current surroundings :)

vanity table displaying perfume and jewelry