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Mike got me this “Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier” for Christmas and I’m full on obsessed with it. I also got 2 bottles of essential rose oil with it and it smells amazing. It’s also a lamp with 6 different color choices that can be set or rotated through.

aroma diffuseraroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser

I don’t have much to add about it.
I’ll cry if it ever breaks.


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Everlane Sweater and Other Updates

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Hello. Last week I got in a new Everlane cashmere sweater and have been living in it since its arrival. I sized up for a super loose fit. It’s soft and warm and comforting. The color is a perfect burgundy shade that melded instantly into my closet of black, gray, and navy.

black and whiteeverlane cashmere sweater

what I've been wearing most this weekI had a sephora coupon so I stocked up on my favorites

Here’s an Everlane Invitation link for anyone who wants to check them out.

I also finally ordered one of their $15 U-neck tees. So happy I did. I got it to wear with thick sweater coats and my leather jacket and the fit is more flattering than I could have hoped for. I think for me the U-neck is more flattering than their original ryan tees even. I might order another in black eventually.

This weekend was pretty great actually. I felt really productive. Around this time of year I tend to want a change and either cut or color my hair or both. But so far I’ve been more into rearranging the furniture and home decor of my house. Just room to room. Switching out lamps or moving a piece of furniture. I hadn’t done it in so long. And the small changes make coming home from work feel less routine.

scented candle and devil's ivymy living room

not your typical everyday drinksdried fruit and lavender mint water

went out for sukiyakisukiyaki dinner

I kept starting and stopping writing a new blog post all week. Nothing in particular stopping me. I would just feel really motivated but then some little thing would bum me out and I wouldn’t feel like finishing. I think that best describes my entire October. Full of ups and downs. Little joys followed by little bummers. I’m mostly feeling bummer’fied thanks to being sick or having a constant toothache. Being in physical discomfort has its way of wearing on you emotionally of course. Hopefully by the holidays I’ll be done with the toothache aspect.


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