Morning Glory

Apr 23, 2014 comments   

A few early morning snaps. I discovered a set of Morning Glory seeds had sprouted. I planted a few indoors as “backups” in case the seedlings outside don’t pop up. I’ve grown morning glory on my balcony before but it was fickle. So this year I went with a more hardy variety called “Grandpa Ott” which are deep purple in color.

morning glory sprouthome

Madewell indigo teeEaster flowers past their prime

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Still Waiting for Spring

Mar 26, 2014 comments   

It snowed all day yesterday and again today. I don’t mind the snow. I prefer snow to just cold for cold’s sake. I only want it to warm up because the cold makes my botched root canal ache more. But the sun is out more and more and I feel like dressing in lighter colors more and more. I also want to pick up more of this Elderflower & Rose Lemonade. Elderflower is tastes nice. There’s an Elderflower soda from found that’s really good but since the first time I bought it’s been sold out and the other soda’s don’t taste as good.

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