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Saturday April 25, 2015 comments   

Since I’m mostly at home these days waiting for my arm to heal, this is all I really have for taking photos. I have an examination next Friday and I’m hoping it reveals that everything is healing but I admit I have doubts. Surgery is still an option on the table and after 8 week of recuperating I still have daily pain and am unable to straighten out my arm completely. But until I have a better look at my bone’s healing progress I’ll keep enjoying my current surroundings :)

vanity table displaying perfume and jewelry






Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunday February 15, 2015 comments   

Here it’s snowing with high winds and sub-zero temperatures so staying in is the better bet.

I sent and received some Valentine’s packages this year. I feel lucky to have such good friends even if they live so far off. Even if I can only see them once every couple of years it’s easy to stay in touch these days especially compared to only 6~7 years ago! I remember 1 of the main reasons I had a blackberry in ‘08 was because it was the only phone that would allow me to email Japanese phones directly. Now everything is so much easier.

Mike got me roses this year with a french mason jar. Mostly in his eyes he got me the mason jar, haha, I like it a lot though! It says “jardin” on it.

Today I also got my hair cut very short again, so here is a photo from before that when my hair is fluffier and longer! I’ll take a new one soon since the cut I got was the same from August and I really liked that style. Lately, even the extra few inches, made it too difficult to “wash ‘n go” in the mornings. It’s winter… getting out of bed is tough enough let alone spending 70% of my morning trying to get my hair to look decent.

The latest issue of Lee is really pretty. I have a subscription to this magazine and also just ordered a subscription to Mart magazine. I went without a magazine subscription for a while after I quite Sweet magazine.


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