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Wow I haven’t updated in a month. I assure you that wasn’t my intention, I’ve just been sick for pretty much 4 weeks straight. I also have a sprained tendon with possible fracture in my foot that requires me to wear a big medical boot when I walk around. If I were still in that phase of life where things embarrassed me I’d probably feel embarrassed, but I’m not, so I don’t. :)

I honestly had to visit my site just to be sure it was still even up! That’s sad. I’ve been really sick since going out of town for a wedding weeks ago.

While in the area I visited a nearby cavern. When I was young my parents would take me on road trips and we’d stop and see caverns. It’s something Mike loves to do as well so we make time to visit no matter how small they seem. This one in particular was a bit different than the ones I usually see. Completely made of limestone, it lacks the usual stalactite formations. But due to a fault line it had some incredible sights. It was long, with both narrow and open passages and felt more of a hike than anything else. Tons and tons of uphill walking due to it being in a mountain which was a first for me. Also the entrance is lighted with a string of about 2 dozen chandeliers. It looks as though Urban Outfitters decorated it :P

laurel caverns

The wedding was nice too with fruit shaped marzipan cookies.





This Weekend

May 26, 2014 comments   

This weekend I saw X-Men in theaters.
Picked up some gumbo & po’boys for lunch.
Watched Monuments Men.
Watched 2 hockey games.
Assembled a bike.
Bought a rear rack basket for said bike.
Scrubbed the deck.
Then re-stained the deck.
Bought new bath salts to try.

Bought some Japanese greens seeds for early autumn planting.
Tried a new pancake recipe. Failed.
Cooked old pancake recipe with some modifications that made them thicker and fluffier.
Did a ton of laundry.
Made a wedge salad.
Made a banana split.
Painted a little.

Oh yeah and watched that insane Hannibal finale!

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