Did I Ever Mention These?

May 11, 2014 comments   

So I disappeared. Sorry about that. Most notable since last time I blogged I’ve gone to the dentist/endodondist 3 times and am due back soon after they evaluate the results of my CT Scan. It’s been hot and rainy and I’ve felt bloated so, really, there wasn’t much to blog about.

But I was going through some photos this weekend and saw some stuff I don’t think I ever posted about. So I’m going to post them here!

First up, last weekend I went to the National Arboretum. It was better than expected and I want to go back when Mike is more fully recovered from his spinal surgery and can walk with greater ease.

Last weekend I picked up this scarf from JCrew for 30% off. I wore it to work to dress up a chambray short sleeved shirt that I paired with black dress pants. I really like this chambray shirt from Madewell. Lately it’s all I want to wear. That and neckerchiefs and plain tees.

I also needed a new spring coat. I felt bummed about having to pack away my winter leather jacket then I remembered this Madewell cotton version of a biker jacket. I bought it (on sale too!) 2 sizes bigger for an oversized look and feel. I Then passed this short trench at Gap which was 60% off so I bought that one as well.

These two jackets might seem to be polar opposites but interesting enough they both fit into my wardrobe seamlessly. While I’ve been into minimalism french sorta gamine style these past few years I am just really channeling a more greaser feeling right now. And everything I own works with either of these without feeling like I have 2 separate wardrobes. Honestly it’s all in the trimmings.

And I’ve been into blazers for so long and was surprised to find my lack of enthusiasm over them this past year. While I still wear a few to work sometimes, I don’t care to wear them “out” right now. I became extremely attached to my biker jacket this winter. I still like the aesthetic of a blazer, yes! But I’m kinda bored with wearing them at the moment.

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This Week

Feb 28, 2014 comments   

I’m tired of posting snow so I didn’t, ha! Actually it was nice to see the snow return since I knew it wouldn’t stay warm long. I think it was 9°F this morning

Last weekend it got up into the 60°’s so like any other sane person I ran out immediately and ate ice cream then complained about being cold for an hour afterwards.

I also took the Valentine’s roses and soaked some of the petals in essential rose oil for a bit then added them into the tub for a bath. Will be doing this a lot more often.

Last night I stopped by Madewell to check out a few of their new spring releases. I tried on this skirt and dress but they didn’t fit like I had hoped so I’ll wait for more of their releases to show up in store.

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