This Week

Feb 28, 2014 comments   

I’m tired of posting snow so I didn’t, ha! Actually it was nice to see the snow return since I knew it wouldn’t stay warm long. I think it was 9°F this morning

Last weekend it got up into the 60°’s so like any other sane person I ran out immediately and ate ice cream then complained about being cold for an hour afterwards.

I also took the Valentine’s roses and soaked some of the petals in essential rose oil for a bit then added them into the tub for a bath. Will be doing this a lot more often.

Last night I stopped by Madewell to check out a few of their new spring releases. I tried on this skirt and dress but they didn’t fit like I had hoped so I’ll wait for more of their releases to show up in store.

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Snow and Chocolate

Feb 17, 2014 comments   

Snow from Thursday

Valentine’s Day

“Mermaid Mane” a sea salt spray for getting beach hair. Followed by a night out Saturday.

My shoulder’s still a bit sore from shoveling the driveway with Mike. But even with a heavy layer of snow on the ground I went ahead and did some spring cleaning today. It’s been a little bittersweet but I put my spring and summer clothes into 4 piles. Keep, sell, sister, and donate. The keep and donate piles were the smallest. While my pile for handing down to my sis was the biggest. And I have a few Madewell shirts I’ll put up for sale later this month :) I like to do this on days I’m feeling the least sentimental so I can purge the most stuff without regret!

Also watched 3 Olympic Women’s Hockey games and re-caulked a few spots around my shower and bathtub.

It was a bit of a random day off work.

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