H&M Rider Jacket

Wednesday September 25, 2013 comments   

I think every winter I go through the “I want a leather jacket” phase for at least a few weeks. I always shake it before indulging despite the temptation all around.. everywhere. I saw this one at Madewell a few weeks ago & didn’t even try it on in fear I’d never want to take it off.

But Rinka and Supernatural’s Abaddon just make a leather jacket look so good and so essential…

Rinka in maison de reefur leather jacket

From Rinka’s blog featuring the new Maison de Reefur leather rider jacket. She had a similar one in last year’s autumn collection.

Rinka maison de reefur leather jacket
Rinka in maison de reefur leather jacket

From this month’s issue of Baila featuring Rinka and the new autumn/winter Maison de Reefur items.

Supernatural's AbaddonSupernatural's Abaddon

If you follow my Tumblr then… you know why… Abaddon everything for me.

So I ended up on H&M’s online store and noticed just how many various leather-style jackets they had up.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve shopped H&M for various reasons. But Monday night made me feel like maybe I had been missing out. I went in and tried on all the styles. Found the one I LOVED but it wasn’t in my size. Not for sale online either. So, even though it was near store closing time, the staff offered to call other nearby H&Ms and tracked my size down for hold! Mike suggested we race to the other H&M that night to pick it up too. Made it with 15 minutes to spare! Totally worth it, haha! Really turned my whole day around.

leather style jacket from HM
leather style jacket from HM

This style looked the best on me with the banded style button collar. Supernatural has really made coat shopping with Mike extremely easy because now everything is a “Dean jacket” or “Castiel trench” with this one being “like Abaddon” because before saying “parka” didn’t really get my visual across. ;)

This will be a nice break from my blazers and red peacoat.


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Frank and Eileen

Tuesday September 24, 2013 comments   

Rinka is carrying some shirts from Frank and Eileen at Maison de Reefur this autumn so I thought I’d post a few available state-side. I don’t own any but the idea of permanent wrinkle has its no-ironing appeal.

from Rinka's blog

from Rinka's blog


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