Making Room for the New

Wednesday January 19, 2011   

Recently I’ve been thinking about whether or not :madmark: I should sell off my Co&Lu and Buzz Spunky overalls because I haven’t really worn them at all this winter. :?: Is selling clothes online obnoxious? Hmm hmm. :eep: I usually give my old clothes to my little sister or goodwill. :P But I would like to think these items could be really enjoyed by someone who loves the brand. :blushingcute: :wakuwakuheart: Also maaaaybe my WC leopard skirt since I’ve only worn it a handful of times. I tend to wear the black one I got more. :gigglewakuface:

My friend recently told me for every new outfit she gets she gets rid of an old one. In theory I really like that idea! :kyaaface: it might keep me from keeping items in my closet from turning into “pity clothes” as in “ugh. I should really try to wear this skirt more… sigh, I dunno.” and then the item turns into “an effort” and not YOUR FAVORITE LOOK LAA LAA. :stressedmind:

Does that make any bit of sense? I’m sorta letting my mind flutter. :rejected:

On the subject of clothes Hiika asked what my office dress code is, after posting the 2 more casual/comfort outfits I wore last week. My office is business casual. Basically no jeans except on casual Fridays. But mostly people wear khakis and button up shirts/dress shirts. I usually wear the same. The picture below is from today. :rose1: Khaki’s, button up collared shirt tucked in, and blazer. And heels. Always heels :). :headheart: I usually wear something more like this to work on a daily basis. It’s why I hardly ever post “work outfits” :;_;: because I find them nice but also pretty typical. Other days are usually the same sort of style. Slacks, button up or dress shirt, and blazer or fitted cardigan. But lately, on days I have no meetings, I’ve been venturing out and wearing casual dresses and oversized cardigans around the office instead. :kyaaface:

Yaaay I blogged again, haahaa



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  1. Ash says:

    I’m (fairly) recently married and I went from always having huge closets to myself to our current place, where we both share one tiiiny cubbyhole of a closet. It’s killing me, but also forcing me to prioritize my clothing and purge things that end up just taking space in my closet. After reading a blog about someone who sifted down their wardrobe to just 100 items (not including undergarments, jewelry, and various small accessories) I recently attempted to do the same. I completely failed! haha. But I’m trying to at least go in a direction where I don’t hoard as much. I have a huge issue with “pity clothes,” as you called them. I can’t bear to toss things that I spent good money on and only wore a handful of times. :/ Long story short~ good luck deciding whether or not to sell off your clothes. I know how hard it is to get rid of wardrobe items.

    (Thanks, btw, for responding to my Chevy Chase shopping question. It was probably really obnoxious of me to like, pump you for info the first time I comment on your site. I appreciated how nice and helpful you were in replying to me.)

    • jenny says:

      NOT OBNOXIOUS AT ALL! I always get tickled when people live in my area :D!!

      Ugh, I know everything you mean. Though I’m having a semi-opposite problem since we moved (married high fives) I now have more closet space which is definitely making me hoard MORE. You sit there and you just STRESS over this stupid article of clothing because of a million reasons WHY NOT to throw it out but deep instead it makes you feel guilty either way so the feeling is bad. OK, I’m rambling, but yes! Yes, it’s a struggle like you said!

  2. monicalee says:

    Yay another new blog! lol~
    I’m sure there’ll be ppl wanting those overalls. They are so cute and awesome, just not my size;-( And now many bloggers are selling stuff online. I find it quite good and reliable since people follow you know pretty much what the seller is like and thus feel comfortable and more secure to buy. (I don’t know if I’m making sense here). =)

    • jenny says:

      That’s a really good point. You do feel more trustworthy of bloggers selling on their blog because you have a better sense of their character ;D

  3. Kim-Mari says:

    Nah it’s totally not obnoxious to sell off clothes online, espcially burando stuff~! lol.

    About half my closet is pity clothing at the moment, I know I should really do something about it… err soon I will

  4. zoraida says:

    i don’t think selling clothes online is obnoxious at all! you never know if there’s someone out there, who is exactly your build, who would want super cute clothes! :)

  5. sidney says:

    the bane of my existence. ok slight exaggeration. but i have a couple pieces i like the look of on the hanger or that i bought but only wore once or twice. it makes me want to wear them but then i have to put in a lot more effort than i like to when TRYING to wear them D: i also need to learn to let go…

    good luck with your wardrobe!!
    and also, your work outfits seem so chic/professional~ i like it! but i can’t imagine that one day (SOON omg) i will have to make a “work” wardrobe :x

    • jenny says:

      Letting go. Yes! It really does come down to that! Sometimes I get in such a purge mood and clear out out clothes but sometimes I get so wishy washy about it. Work wardrobes are fun at first, almost like playing grownup dressup but then you get over it and sometimes hate it lol idk

  6. Vermillion says:

    I love your office outfit :D I think it’s ok to sell clothing online ^^

  7. Veronica says:

    OMG girl I have the clothes to make that exact outfit WOOT

    You should never wear clothesyou don’t totally love!! (should take her own advice)

  8. Cindii says:

    That’s actually a good idea to get rid of stuff as you get new items. Haha I should do that too.

    Cute work outfit. Plain and simple!

  9. jayjayne says:

    I know how you feel – I have two wardrobes filled to the hilt with old or worn-once clothing! Every time I cull my wardrobe, my mother goes in and tries to save items! STOP THAT MUM!

  10. Tori says:

    I think your friend’s idea is brilliant~ it helps keep your closet organised & your bank account too, haha! ;Dyy
    Your work outfits are always so cute~ I look like like a mess for work except on casual Fridays when I actually get to wear something I like! XD

    • jenny says:

      I think it’s easy to just not give a flip. Lol. I definitely have gone through periods of “fuk eet” when it comes to dressing for work. I still have “the days” where I wear baggy stuff and no make you know? Sometimes no effort feels so good looool

  11. cin says:

    I think it’s a good idea for you to sell the overalls and WC skirt online! I’m sure lots of people would want to buy it! Plus it’s extra $$ hehe
    I’ve been wanting to sell old clothes myself but I’ve been slack in taking photos & uploading so it’s been going nowhere ^^
    I wonder where the best place to sell is~

  12. Wow, I wouldn’t ever be able to get rid of an old outfit unless I never wear the items anymore. I’m more of a hoarder. xD But it’s a good way to keep your closet clean! I think if you sold your brand clothes online, lots of gals would be more than willing to give them a new home. ^__^

    Btw, I really love your work outfit!!

    • jenny says:

      I think I’m a hoarder at heart but also a neat-freak. My Mom is a total hoarder. She still has clothes from when she was a teen! Seeing that forces me to really purge stuff!

  13. miya says:

    Even your ‘normal everyday’ office look is super cute!! I think there is style in the simplicity and practicality of it all. I am all for fashion, but in the typical office setting, clothing should be conservative!! I think you should have a blog sale, that way these specific brands will go to someone who really wants it AND you will get a little compensation!

    • jenny says:

      Thank you! I agree about office attire. Sometimes it’s hard for me because I’m in the IT field where usually you can dress super casual. But because I’m IT within a communications department our dress code is more professional. It can be frustrating on days I really rather wear jeans but it is nice when everyone looks pit together.

  14. Mai says:

    I don’t think its obnoxious. There are probably a billion things in your closet that I would love :O! And I’m sure tons of other people feel the same.

    Even though that’s a typical work outfit, you make it seem so much more cute for some reason :3 Is there any place that you like buying your work clothes from? I’m trying to slowly transition work clothes into my closet :X

  15. Mandie says:

    Selling clothes online isn’t obnoxious at all. In fact I think you’d be doing some girls a favor by allowing them to purchase something they likely couldn’t find in their area.

    I for one, would be super interested in purchasing either pair of overalls. XD;

  16. Hayley says:

    I would totally buy all of those from you (and then probably only wear the wc skirt because I still have a thing about overalls not suiting me, idek…) But definitely not obnoxious. I wish more people would sell their pre-loved wc on eBay…!

    BTW I looove the new Aya Takano wallpaper ^_^

    • jenny says:

      Ah thank you! I couldn’t see how I COULD NOT NOT make a Aya Takano bg from the box I got at Xmas ;). Thank you for letting me know your thoughts on selling these items. I think I’m getting convinced!

  17. megan says:

    I’m sure plenty of people would be interested in those overalls! (I’ve been interested in overalls myself, but haven’t seen a pair I like yet. I could find some online, I’m sure, but I’d want to try them on first. I kind of want a pair like I had when I was a kid, haha!)

    I try to keep the number of things in my closet fairly low. I have quite a bit of room, but I don’t want it to become cluttered. Plus I like having a bit of extra room, even though the space is empty (it looks neater, I guess). So every once in awhile I flip through everything and try to see if there are any items I don’t like so much anymore (and that have become pity clothes, like you said). Sometimes its hard to get rid of things, but it’s a good thing. And I think having fewer items can lead to more creativity when making new outfits (you have no choice, haha! the “x items x ways” things I’ve seen in Jmags are a nice inspiration for this).

    Off topic: I like the way the text in the comment box is big and red. It looks nice. :) Though it makes it look like I’m blabbering on and on. I mean, there’s a scrollbar over there now! (haha)

    • megan says:

      And thanks for sharing the work outfit. I think the way the pants are rolled up keeps it from being too typical (er, not that it’s bad! It’s cute and simple).

    • jenny says:

      Mhmm. Couldn’t agree more. I try to achieve the same but every few months it became TIME AGAIN. I feel like I want to do it again now that I’m not spending money anymore because it should stay clear for some time after this clean!

  18. Milly says:

    I kinda like the business casual look :P
    It gives off a professional air, yet still retains that leisure-y look.
    I might try this look out sometime as I’ve been really into “business”-like outfits these days

    • jenny says:

      I was more into this look before I HAD to wear it every day. So j think the appeal has worn a bit for me but it is nice to be in an environment where ppl dress professionally.

      • Milly says:

        ahaha yeah, wearing the same kind of style really gets old… for me, i keep changing my style, never settling down with just one – but i guess that’s just the fun of it all – the shopping, magazines, blogs ;D

        i wouldn’t mind wearing business casual everyday if there were more variety than the ones you said :P

  19. Jeannine says:

    Those overalls are so cute~ I’d totally wear some but when you go to the bathroom, it’s awkward lol XD
    Anyway, mind sharing the strapya link of the case that have tiny tabs on the side to hold charms? I’ve been looking for one and obviously I suck at searching u_u

  20. Fuuka says:

    I love selling things I no longer use online! Try eBay or Amazon Marketplace. Amazon charges you a little bit less, but I think that more people use eBay. So if you want to sell quickly then use eBay.

    • jenny says:

      Thanks for the advice! I don’t really want to ho through a lot of trouble finding my clothes s new home. It’s why I usually just huge to goodwill. But I feel it’s a waste to give popular japanese brand clothing to goodwill.

  21. Linda says:

    you should totally sell them if you feel that you don’t wear them enough :) that wayyyy you can totally make money to buy MORE clothes hahahahhh~ YAY!

    • jenny says:

      Loool. Hum. If I sold them I’d sell them for at least half I paid if not less. I just feel it’s a waste giving popular Japanese brands to charity.

  22. winn says:

    … i like your preppy OL look XD;;;

  23. I also have to make a lot of room soon. :D
    To many clothes and other stuff i own.

    Smart outfit, i like :)


  24. Amelia says:

    Your outfit is super cute!

  25. Ada says:

    not obnoxious at all. u can earn/save more money that way (and hopefully help shorten the span of ur shopping freeze lol)

  26. Ys says:

    Your work-wear is SO cute :) I just adore shirts-and-cardys combo. It’s my favourite look :)

    If you have a lot of clothes that you’ve rarely worn then I think selling them online is a good idea. I sold a couple of pairs of shoes I never wore but these days I just can’t afford to buy things I won’t wear lol ;)

  27. Tasja says:

    Great outfit Jenny ^^ I like this OL look on you :)

    Also..well I would sell it? Why not, you can make people happy with it.. and it’s better than throwing it away or to let it dust in you closet :(

  28. Dotties says:

    I would LOVE to buy the pink overall from you :)
    Do inform me if you are selling
    I’m from Singapore, by the way ~

  29. Sara Mari says:

    I don’t think selling things online is bad at all, like you said its a good chance for people to get difficult-to-get Japanese brands over here. I think there should be lots of people who’d like to get those overalls XD

    I didn’t buy hardly anything on my last trip to Japan, but coming back with just the one duffle of clothing was a burden on my closet TT

    I want to get rid of some things, because your friend is very wise about getting rid of one outfit when a new one comes in, but whenever I get rid of the clothing my mom got me in the past it makes her sad/upset. TT

    • jenny says:

      Ah your mom sounds like she attaches memories to clothes like my mom. My mom has things still from her late teens! Why?! She hasn’t worn them in decades. I think of that and it makes me want to purge all my hardly worn clothing.

  30. Afef says:

    i actually thought of selling my clothes when i lost dress sizes quickly last year (I’ve only wore some clothes for less than a season :/) but i usually either gave them to my mom or my cousin in the end as i selling them online would probably be too expensive :s (but if i lived in the uk or us i definately would sell online! post is cheapo :D)

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I had to donate all my old dress size clothes last year because I was the “biggest” person I knew. So I couldn’t give them to anybody =_=;;; I prefer to give them to people instead of goodwill but oh well.

  31. savannerz says:

    the pink cocolulu overalls are sooo cute. I would buy them if you were selling. I also think selling clothes online is a good idea. I was thinking about doing it too, but I’m lazy and never got around to it

  32. ミッカ says:

    Oh, I really love the pink overall~ :) And your OL look is so cute!

    Well, I really think selling clothes online it’s a good thing to do, because someone can make good use of something you don’t need anymore. And those Japanese brands are so hard to get… :D And plus, you can buy something new with the money from the item sold without spending what you already have. So, I’m UP for selling! :D

    If you do sell, hope you have good luck with it! :)

  33. Courtney says:

    I feel the same way! Once I buy new clothes, I want to wear them over and over and then anything that’s not my ‘favorite’ gets pushed to the back of the closet. And it feels like such a waste! -.-; I don’t want to get rid of it, but I don’t want to wear it…what a pain. X|
    This happens to me a lot with singular items that don’t match with anything/don’t flatter my body type/don’t fit so well… ; ^ ;

    I really like your workwear, by the way. It’s so classy but professional without being stuffy. Perfect combo. ;)

    I do like your pink overalls, but I wouldn’t appreciate the brand. I wonder if they’d even fit me. orz
    But either way, if you decide to sell off a few items I’d definitely be interested. ^^

  34. Mirai-moro says:

    I would LOVE for you to sell them…
    so i can buy them (*`V´*).

  35. Jing says:

    I’ve always been curious as to what you wear to work. Your dress code is the same as where I work, but I hate wearing business casual. I dunno…the my work outfits just makes me look like an old lady or something. Maybe it’s the suite pants? I’ve never tried Khaki. Maybe I should. I need more ideas on making work cloth look less boring!

    • jenny says:

      I used to love dressing up in business casual but after awhile, years at work, it becomes a bit tiresome. Boring. Feeling old n frumpy. I definitely felt like that alllllll last year. But lately I’m ok with it.

  36. chocoNIKKI says:

    Well, I don’t think it would be obnoxious at all! And if you do plan to sell your pink overalls, please tell me (Here comes the ulterior motive, lol)! I’m definitely interested in buying if it’s within my price range~

    • jenny says:

      I was thinking around 30~35$ each? It’s half the original price and not including all the fees and shipping I originally paid lol. I don’t care much for getting back all I spent because they were worn often last year. I just feel it’s a waste if I dropped them off at goodwill ;p. I’ll let you know if i do sell them! Probably soon.

  37. Thao says:

    Unless you’re selling clothes in very single post, I don’t think it’s obnoxious. Selling/buying from bloggers are much more interactive and more detailed since you can ask them to measure it and take lots of pictures in ways that corporate stores won’t provide. So I think you’ll have a leg up.

    Buy one, give one! That’s a good idea! I think I might try that, although I feel like I have a ton to give away, so it might just entice me to do a whole lot more impulse buys.

  38. bloomzy says:

    If you ever sell your WC Leopard skirt, I am there straight away haha XD
    I need~ that skirt in my life…if not only because it will complete my ‘WC Outfit’.

    I love this kind of outfit on you. It’s casual but smart and looks great for work. So chic!

    Btw update on the Rinka goods – searched again in a bunch of arcades in Shinjuku but no luck D:

  39. Tilleul says:

    Like others said, I don’t think it would be obnoxious to sell these items. Besides, I think I’d like the pink ones. :) I like to get rid of things. To me it feels great, but almost everyone else I know is the opposite.

  40. Sydney says:

    Agreeing with everybody else~ if you feel like they are just sitting around in your closet and are thinking of getting rid of them, then it probably is time to send then off, before you see them one day taking up space and snap and toss them in the nearest “send to Goodwill” pile/bag. Happens to me occasionally- I’ll see something that I’ve been thinking of getting rid of, and one day it will fall off the hanger and refuse to go back on or something and I just chuck it at goodwill, don’t even bother to see if anybody wants it or anything, and then I feel like I wasted it or something…. oops…

    Also going to echo everybody and say let my know if/when you put the pink pair up for sale, I’d love to bring then home!

  41. Mimi says:

    hey jenny,
    i’ve always LOVED your blog. i too have the SAME problem. when i vacae in japan, korea, taiwan i haul back like a million articles of clothing that i only wear ONCE. I have just as much stuff as you do! i’m moving soon and was actually wondering, i know that you’re trying to get rid of stuff, but i have some CYUUTEE clothes that would make a great addition to your wardrobe. let me know if your interested in buying, i’ll send you photos and stuff. i’m so heartbroken that i need to get rid of like 50% of my stuff, but i know they’d be in great care in your hands. BY THE WAY, if your gonna sell..don’t use EBAY, it’s the worst. probably the most chaotic transaction i’ve ever had to deal with. i know i’m not using it anymore THAT’s for sure.

    big fan,


    • jenny says:

      Ah thanks for the advice on ebay! I think selling on my blog would be better, you’re right! That’s really kind of you to offer!!! But right now I’m doing a New Year’s Resolution and not buying new clothes until April :(. You’re tempting me though so much XDD

  42. Baby Rokstar says:

    Ahhhh Jenny!!! I wanna buy the blue pair of overalls!!!! Serious!!! I LOVE EM!!! ^__^

  43. kenneth says:

    If your ever planning on selling your WC backpack I’m the person you should contact! My e-mail is:

  44. rene says:

    I think thats a great niffy idea! By doing so, you can always make space in the closet for new clothes! Haha! And the money you get from selling the old ones off can go into the new ones!
    The only problem is where to sell them I guess. Ebay or just off your blog… hmm…

  45. Jenii says:

    I don’t know why but I really ADORE the work outfit you posted. So simple and cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

    I definitely need to overhaul my closet + boxes of clothes ;_;

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