Little Inspirations I create for Myself

Tuesday November 03, 2015   

Sometimes I put together some writings and photos into a Google Doc for myself; much like a mood board. I’ve been doing it since summer. Usually when I’m either struck with inspiration or completely lacking it. Rarely while in between.

I saw this one I put together in early October. I had forgotten about it but looking back now I LOVE IT. I need it. I need some extra joy in my life to outweigh the current stress (I’ve been sick and overworked.) So here is that “mood” from October 5th.

I had a vision last night (for all intents and purposes) of my autumn “look.” Straight line smokey eyeshadow. Bright lips. Straight chin length hair. I also purchased some clear frames off ebay today similar to Mackenzie Davis’ in Martian to pair with my CK one lipstick and sweatshirt. Black skinnies, and thick glasses a lot. I want some more rounded but it’s hard to find. Maybe I should order a those ones off UO. They had these black petite round ones. But my own thick glasses would be good and give my eyes a break from everyday contacts for a while.

Images from xoVain, Ena Matsumoto Blog, The Martian movie.


7 Responses to “Little Inspirations I create for Myself”

  1. Wendy says:

    Loved those frames too! I’ve been looking for something similar in bonlook, warby parker and even J!NS (via rakuten). My current frames are from the first TsubasaxJ!NS collection (~2011/12?) I truly fell in love with the weight and material for the price, sadly my dog decided to chew them haha.

    xoxo from mx ♥

  2. Dana says:

    Love the clear glasses. Also have my eye on the ladies ‘Maynard’ frames at Warby Parker. Presently growing my hair to a long bob and trying to resist cutting bangs again :)

  3. I love Ena and her fashion style but she seems to be getting skinnier and skinnier ever since she gave birth. I kind of miss the her prior to giving birth where she looked much more healthy.

  4. Leanne says:

    I saw The Martian yesterday and loved those glasses too! I loved how they reflected.

  5. Monica says:

    Love the inspiration! A great place to find glasses is coastal[dot]com, specifically the Love brand. I think you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for there as I have translucent, round frames from the site although mine have a yellow tint. :)

  6. miya says:

    lo ve this idea as a concept and un execution! you can remix even the most oppositional sources into something totally you!

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