Current Autumn Wardrobe

Friday November 15, 2013 comments   

It’s November and about time I do a seasonal capsule post!
These are the things I’m wearing the most (excluding work.)

autumn capsule

– Skinny Skinny Ankle denim in black frost (Madewell)
– Skinny Skinny Ankle denim in pool wash (Madewell)
– Ridgestripe pencil Skirt (Madewell)

– Striped Gondola Dress (Madewell)

– cashmere sweater in burgundy (Everlane)
– U-neck white tee (Everlane)
– cashmere sweater in navy (Everlane)
– Dotted navy long sleeve tee
– Tippi sweater in light gray (J.Crew)
– Tippi sweater in black (J.Crew)

– faux leather jacket (H&M)

– black flats (Payless)
– black oxfords (Nordstrom)

– burgundy fleece tights
– burgundy wool cap (Madewell)
– wool scarf (H&M)

autumn capsule
autumn capsule

Focused on comfort right now. Putting on a super soft cashmere sweater and cozy stretchy pencil skirt is just what my stressed out body needs right now. I’m in a lot of pain and discomfort with all this dental work going on and other stress; I just need to feel good at the end of the day!

A few weekends ago I picked up the pool wash denim at Madewell. I bought them 2 sizes too big so that they would have a nice boyfriend look & feel to them. The actual boyfriend denim they offer don’t flatter me at all so I’m glad I gave this idea a go!

Thought I’d add some links to the items I could still find pages for.

Oxfords (x) Dress (x) Skirt (x) Denim (x) Everlane cashmere (x) J.Crew sweaters (x) Hat (x) Everlane tee (x) Flats (x)


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Quebec Packing

Tuesday July 02, 2013 comments   

Preparing for a brief road trip up to Quebec. This will be my first time visiting Canada. It would be a bit of a missed opportunity to never visit our neighbors to the north. To fly hours upon hours overseas to visit other countries when there’s a beautiful one nearby.
This is getting to sound more sentimental than I mean it to though.
Really I have next-to-no vacation days so my big summer trip had to remain within a single continent. There. That’s a bit less two-bit poet sounding! Anyway, I’ve started to putting things aside for packing.

travel capsule wardrobe
travel capsule wardrobe


  • blazer (Zara)
  • dotted blue striped shirt (Madewell)
  • short-sleeved poplin shirt (Everlane)
  • red tee (Madewell)
  • chino shorts (Madewell)
  • black bistro skirt (Madewell)
  • black tights (S-leg)
  • summer scarf (Everlane)
  • cotton mayfair boxer pajama set (Victoria’s Secret)

Shoes, bags, misc.

  • red sandals (Madewell)
  • black flats (Payless)
  • red tote (Everlane)
  • eco shopper bag (Ne-Net)
  • gold belt (Madewell)
  • sunglasses (Anthropologie)
  • maison de reefur hair tie
  • emi jay hair tie
  • double-sided perfume roller (Michael Kors)

travel capsule wardrobe

Forecast claims temperatures to be between 66F and 85F hence the blazer and tights but not bringing denim. I also felt a dress would be a better choice but I really didn’t feel like wearing one. C’est la vie.

So, 12 possibilities.
– striped shirt + skirt
– striped shirt + skirt + blazer
– poplin shirt + skirt
– poplin shirt + skirt + blazer
– red tee + skirt
– red tee + skirt + blazer
– striped shirt + chinos
– striped shirt + chinos + blazer
– poplin shirt + chinos
– poplin shirt + chinos + blazer
– red tee + chinos
– red tee + chinos + blazer

Always keeping Tim Gunn in mind when packing still

Hope continuing to share these is helpful too!


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