Quebec Packing

Tuesday July 02, 2013 comments   

Preparing for a brief road trip up to Quebec. This will be my first time visiting Canada. It would be a bit of a missed opportunity to never visit our neighbors to the north. To fly hours upon hours overseas to visit other countries when there’s a beautiful one nearby.
This is getting to sound more sentimental than I mean it to though.
Really I have next-to-no vacation days so my big summer trip had to remain within a single continent. There. That’s a bit less two-bit poet sounding! Anyway, I’ve started to putting things aside for packing.

travel capsule wardrobe
travel capsule wardrobe


  • blazer (Zara)
  • dotted blue striped shirt (Madewell)
  • short-sleeved poplin shirt (Everlane)
  • red tee (Madewell)
  • chino shorts (Madewell)
  • black bistro skirt (Madewell)
  • black tights (S-leg)
  • summer scarf (Everlane)
  • cotton mayfair boxer pajama set (Victoria’s Secret)

Shoes, bags, misc.

  • red sandals (Madewell)
  • black flats (Payless)
  • red tote (Everlane)
  • eco shopper bag (Ne-Net)
  • gold belt (Madewell)
  • sunglasses (Anthropologie)
  • maison de reefur hair tie
  • emi jay hair tie
  • double-sided perfume roller (Michael Kors)

travel capsule wardrobe

Forecast claims temperatures to be between 66F and 85F hence the blazer and tights but not bringing denim. I also felt a dress would be a better choice but I really didn’t feel like wearing one. C’est la vie.

So, 12 possibilities.
– striped shirt + skirt
– striped shirt + skirt + blazer
– poplin shirt + skirt
– poplin shirt + skirt + blazer
– red tee + skirt
– red tee + skirt + blazer
– striped shirt + chinos
– striped shirt + chinos + blazer
– poplin shirt + chinos
– poplin shirt + chinos + blazer
– red tee + chinos
– red tee + chinos + blazer

Always keeping Tim Gunn in mind when packing still

Hope continuing to share these is helpful too!


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Current Summer Wardrobe

Thursday June 27, 2013 comments   

currently wearing have worn this summer
currently wearing have worn this summer

Summer Things

skinny skinny ankle jeans (Madewell)
seersucker (pinstripe) pants (H&M)
denim shorts (Madewell)
striped boyshirt (Madewell)

navy blazer (zara)
summer scarf (Everlane)
sandels (Madewell)

ryan tees (Everlane)
box cut tee (Everlane)
poplin short sleeved shirt (Everlane)
navy palm tree dress (Zara)

highlighter Girl Meets Pearl (Benefit)
body moisturizer Oak for men (Bath & Body Works)
sunglasses (Anthropologie)
black flats (Payless)
red tote bag (Everlane)
print scarf bag (Uguisu)

currently wearing have worn this summer

Got a request for what I’m wearing now that it’s summer. It’s been mild so far with a few heat waves rolling through and lots of storms. The Zara blazer I got a few weeks ago in Georgetown. It’s a lighter material than it looks and has been great for cooler nights/indoors. The seersucker pants looks like light denim in the photo (I didn’t have great lighting this evening) rather than its usual blue & white pinstripes. So far my summer “wardrobe” consists of solid tees from Everlane often paired with the zara blazer. These are the things I’ve been grabbing when not at work.

I thought I’d show my current summer work picks too. It’s not particularly exciting but worth showing since right now is probably the most these two wardrobes differ since I’m wearing so much denim+tee in my off time.

summer at the office

The bad/good thing about loving patterned shirts is that they easily match with black bottoms. There’s a black pencil skirt, black a-line skirt with pockets, and black Jcrew minnie slacks. Absolutely love the minnie pants. They’re a dream to wear. I also have a light cotton jersey blazer in black that’s great for super hot days as well as the cotton dress which I always pair with a blazer for wearing around the office. I still get chilly in the office because the A/C is always in maximum climate change mode. There’s also casual Fridays so sometimes I’ll wear denim then.

I feel I should summarize everything but I haven’t much to add. I don’t particularly like summer clothes. I don’t like showing my legs and I miss the beauty of layers. But I do love the Ryan Tees with how they sit on my shoulders and I like the rolling of blazer sleeves too.



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