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Monday August 29, 2005 comments   

The hurricane is now coming onto land. The eye will pass over my city later today. However we are already getting strong gusts. Power isn’t going to last too much longer and we can hear transistors blowing in our area. Our apartment creaks as the wind roars and screams passed us. Right now our main concern are tornados. I’ll get back online whenever I can ^^;. EVERYONE STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Hurricane Katrina

Sunday August 28, 2005 comments   

6:35 update: The bands are beginning to pass over with some very high winds. There’s some lightening so I’m going to shut down my PC now. The hurricane is expected to hit us tomorrow afternoon. Here is a photo I took of a hurricane band passing over.

Here is a link for those who don’t know much about hurricanes. WHAT IS A HURRICANE?

We are preparing for the worst here just to be safe.

My parents live on the coast. They have evacuated to the northeast. This hurricane is at this time 175 mph in strength, category 5. Category 5 is the highest category with winds at 155+. Here is the weather channel maps. My parents have never evacuated before. Our house is over 150 years old so it’s been through a lot of hurricanes. I think they are worried and a little too old to be dealing with all the damage head on. They went with my grandparents to my uncle’s house. I thought they were going to evacuate to here but my Mom laughed at me and told me to turn on the TV. She called & woke me at 8:00am today.

Anyway~ so I might not be on if power goes out. It can take up to a week to get power back if the damage is severe. I want to wish everyone else on the Gulf Coast well. Please stay safe!!!

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