I slept for 12 hours

Saturday July 29, 2006   

I went to bed right after yesterday’s entry and woke up at 9:00 this morning :noki4:. I guess that guy played his music till then. In my city the police can’t do anything until it’s after 9:00 pm. So at 9:40pm the police gave this guy a little visit. He was an idiot too and didn’t answer the door at first. The cop chewed him out and said, why didn’t you answer the door!? I could hear that noise out in the hall!! I better not be back for this. That crap needs to end at 9:00pm.

So, we’ll see if that helps. Management only takes tenant complaints in writing so if I want to complain about him I’ll need to write up a damn document. *le sigh.* Anyway, let’s move along… :;;:.

me, harhar perfume

I smell like a stripper!!! :haha:!! It’s true. I bought “Love Spell” by Victoria’s Secret. Apparently, as reported through keith and the girl the perfume of choice for strippers is Love Spell. It’s cheap too, just like their souls. (just kidding, just kidding). I told Mike about it as I bought it. It was just an extra way to get him hot & bothered by the new purchase. I like it, it’s different than my normal perfumes (Romance and Be Delicious). So yea~ :star:

WHOAMan, I really want this DS Browser!! Very cool! I saw it in action here. I still need to get a lite (though I’m waiting for the US to get pink) and I STILL want San-x Land. I might go ahead & order it online after my Japanese course begins in the fall :F.
I know it’s just a lot of mini-games, but, anyway. I just wanted to share this. It was cool to see the browser in action.


17 Responses to “I slept for 12 hours”

  1. Aimee says:

    Ach, I wish I could get away with perfumes. Too bad I get rashes from them. Only the boy in the relationship is allowed to smell pretty on my end. Pft. T_T

  2. susan says:

    ive been shopping for perfume lately as well. and im glad the police did something bout the music. and you look cute in the blue and pink top. ^.^

  3. mango says:

    the bottle looks very pretty, i would never imagine it the perfume by choice for STRIPPERS har har! gosh, from that picture of yours, you can be a model in any of your jap magazines! i love your strawberry top inside~ so cute~
    but san-x land is soooo cute!!!

  4. lain says:

    im not really nto perfumes and stuff. but i was early for my plane ride and i hanged around the duty free store for a VERY LONG TIME if someone asks me if i have a favourite fragrance. I DO HAVE A FAVE FRAGRANCE XD.. Envy me 2 by Gucci. i want it, so expensive though .___. sghsigh….lol

  5. Jenii says:

    I’ve been hooked on Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey and Burberry Weekend. I prefer perfumes light, flowery/watery. VS-wise, I like the Endless Love stuff, awesome. DAMN! I was contemplating getting a DS Lite or not. We’ll have to wait and see how badly I want to play Tetris.

  6. Jenny says:

    lol I laughed when I saw “I smell like a stripper!!!” haven’t had to chance to smell it yet, but I love the name of it =)

  7. Stacy says:

    I don’t really wear a lot of perfume – because I like to smell bad. LMAO jk…

    You smell like a stripper??? lol.

  8. Jenn~ says:

    Glad the police came, hopefully it worked. @___@;

    Oo, gotta go smell that perfume. I’m not much of a perfume wearer but i do have few bottles that I SHOULD wear, hehe~

    I’m waiting for a PINK DS Lite, too. I seen one online somewhere but it’s from Japan, I think. I love that San-X game, I so love minigames!!

  9. My Linh says:

    Ahaha, I hope that guy get his ass kicked and won’t dare to do that again.

    Smell like a stripper? How does a stripper smell? *lol*

    Oh yeah, and Nintendo DS Lite is so coool. I wish I could have one, too, but well…. I need my money for more important things.

  10. Winniey says:


  11. Abbie says:

    Wow, annoying guy -_-”

    That perfume looks chic, the bottle is really cute ^^

  12. tuan says:

    love the hair, it ssmoking hot :)

  13. Lydia says:

    I’m all surprised that you know the smell of strippers!! XDDDDD hahahaha!!! Anyway, the perfume bottle looks great! ;)

    Nintendo DS lite? OMG! I’m stupid and bought the normal one. :( But San-X land looks really cute! I’m a great fan of minigames!! :)

  14. *chanel. says:

    Geez. I’ve been wearing Love Spell for 5 years :-(

  15. Livv says:

    Hopefully now you’ll be able to get a proper nights rest!! You’re always having problems with noisy neighbours XD Your hair looks awsome and I love the new perfume~ I recently bought a new kind too. It’s called Baby Doll and it’ by St. Yves ^^;

  16. Marte says:

    I LOVE the site! realy, realy love it. The layout is stunning, and the meny is cool. Hugs.

  17. Aleida says:

    I’m glad police came round! Hahaha you smell like a stripper? :P I’m currently in love with Kenzo’s Flower – but since the weather has been hot and all I’ve only been wearing my fav deodorant *sigh* DS browser sounds interesting, but :( I’m a total PSP fangirl (still have to buy the darn thing, but ok) Haha I can’t wait to get some Japanese games either. Haha San-X land looks cuuuute! ;)

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