Who knew it meant so much?

Wednesday March 28, 2007 comments   

I had a doctor’s appointment today. It went OK, except that I was measured in at 5′ 1″… You see, I’ve been measured at 5′ 3.5″ for years. So I had Mike measure me at home… he got 5′ 1.5″. WHAT THE HELL. And it upsets me so much! I don’t know… It’s hard… to know you’re short your whole life then feel like someone stole 2 inches off!!!! But nothings physically different. ahhhhh, I hate numbers! They ruin my life! :ashock:

I bought myself an early birthday gift :gift: . Just a few tops and this deliciously gaudy necklace. I love owls. They remind me of my grandmother.

I know I’m not updating as much as I used to. I’ve been busy… but really busy is my normal pace in life now. Honestly, that’s a lie. Monday night (with Mike’s coercion) I sat on the couch for 3 hours watching nothing but House episodes. Then I went to bed.

Mid-April I’m getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I’m scared shit-less to have an IV. More so than I am of the slight risk of complications. At one point my doctor says:

doctor: So the vein will then….
me: (I make a terrible cringe face as if I smelled a fart… )
doctor: “OK! We won’t say THAT word anymore!”

I’m a grade-A pussy :;_;:








Back & sober

Sunday March 25, 2007 comments   

Thursday we went to see The Spinto Band afterall. I got pretty wasted so enjoy the above blurry photos! The next day I went to work then an office party where I had plenty of wine. :eep: Saturday I spent the morning + afternoon scrubbing, cleaning, and sobering up. Then went to pick up Non-no (plus some more stuff~)

I got 2 megahouse sets. Ironically, alcohol sets! Hahahaha :girlblush: No candy. I just bought tea. I need to lose some weight like crazy~town :tearup:

It warmed up *hopefully to stay* and I came upon some strawberry plants by chance!!! So I bought 2 & planted them today. I sowed my seeds too :sprout: I got this black tee last week for $7.00 @ H&M. It’s me in a t-shirt… rare to see~ :!:


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