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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I’ll be busy with family for a few days so most likely won’t have time to get online much~






Sukiyaki and Macro

Monday November 24, 2008 comments   

Mike and I went out to Aji-Nippon [in Bethesda if you’d like to know] to have sukiyaki this weekend to celebrate our 8 year “dating” anniversary! It was his birthday too but whatever, hahah :gigglewakuface: j/k j/k. We wanted to get sukiyaki because they first time we ever had it was with our friends in Japan on our honeymoon. It was delicious too! Too much for 2 people really, haha :food:

Then the next day I was able to get my second choice for new camera at its Black Friday price EARLY! I’ll refrain from bitching about the ordeal that insued in GETTING the camera, but it sure does beat waiting in line for it on Black Friday!! I’m happy with it too. It’s much better than my current, but I didn’t spend an arm & leg on it. Plus i can do macro shots now YAAAAAAAY :celebrate: :celebrate: :rainbowtwinkle:

Canon Powershot SD790 IS

Haha testing macro! Couldn’t get this shot last week when I wanted to on my old camera!

Also thanks everyone who commented on the “Short Fringe Boots” entry. I decided to pass on fringe. I figured I have mukluks and moutons so maybe I’ll let this trend go by (unless it’s big again next winter too!) Instead I bought 2 other different boots, hahah! I’ll take snaps when they arrive :sparkleup:

That’s it~~ TV watching time :tv:


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